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  1. Fozzyb18

    Looking For Winner: Mars Hydro FC6500 Giveaway!

    #marshydro #MarshydroFC6500 Blue Dream run. lights Marshydro ts600 and 1000600 5x5
  2. Fozzyb18

    Looking For Winner: Mars Hydro FC6500 Giveaway!

    #MarshydroFC6500 Setting up Blue Dream run. Current lights are Mars to 600, CFLs, generic led 100w. 4x4 Lots of plants for a new light show and tell.
  3. Fozzyb18

    This is really starteing to bug me!

    Could be anything you have to wait until you turn the lights out and than when all is quiet go in the tent and find that bastard. Could be earwig, grasshopper, other crawly. Based on the size and locations looks like only one and he knows your looking for him 8-)
  4. Fozzyb18

    Pistils not turning Amber

    I cut plants at 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks and 13 weeks all regular fem 50/50 hybrid strains. Pistil colors and tri all over the place for each. The 8 week breaks your knee caps. I feel sorry for the bee that lands on that in the wild. The 13 week smelled really bad by the 12th week, a zombie...
  5. Fozzyb18

    ViparSpectra Giveaway for Labor Day: Win P4000 | Take 15% OFF with "LABOR15"

    #ViparSpectraP4000 tag your it. That’s great I am waiting by the front door for the light.
  6. Fozzyb18

    6 Reasons to use ⚡️Mars Hydro Grow Tent ⚡️for Indoor Growing(for Marijuana & Other Plants)

    Looking to win a 2-IN-1 Series which includes 4x2 tent to go with my Marshydro lights. Perfect for the continual grow and plant management in tight spaces. US grow legal recreation state. Although if I win I guess I have to buy a third light :wall:
  7. Fozzyb18

    INKBIRD August Giveaway — Enter to Win Co2 Controller!

    IBA-M1 - Bump in for this
  8. Fozzyb18

    ViparSpectra Giveaway is Coming Now! Who will be the lucky one to win the $299.99 voucher??

    #ViparSpectra thank you, currently using MarsHydro 2000
  9. Fozzyb18

    What percent rh do your jars start out at when curing?

    Mine reads 65% on first day after 7 days of hang dry w/ wet trim. Location averages 50% rh outside,
  10. Fozzyb18

    Mars Hydro Giveaway for FC-E 4800 or FC 4800 is coming, Are you ready?

    Roses are red, violets are blue, Mars Hydro FC4800 grow light is for you.
  11. Fozzyb18

    GeekBeast August Giveaway--Win MonsterBoard Pro 2400

    I'd like to join the #geekbeast giveaway! Best feature lights with good heat dissipation a mark of good engineering.
  12. Fozzyb18

    10 Prizes To Be Won In Chosen Seeds Summer Giveaway - Genetics From Barney's Farm & Anesia Seeds

    -Watermelon zkittles forever -Bubba Kush in the morning -Tropicana banana date night
  13. Fozzyb18

    Spider Farmer is coming--Win free SF4000 LED

    Me one need light grow