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    Sudden issue.. please help guys!

    Kelp meal tends to be high pH (it grows in saltwater). Definitely take readings after a good mixing.
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    Started outside..

    Yes, you should definitely 18/6, and THEN take a clone or 10 in January to put outdoors for the season (if that’s what how you grow). From my experience, vegging a plant too long before flowering makes for a weaker plant overall. Just my thoughts on it. If you can afford to light it to keep a...
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    Post Your Frostiest Autoflower Bud Pics

    Laugh now, dwarfist- Due to Auto’s quick lifespan and thus quicker genetic-mutation/evolution, autoflowers are more quickly bred and selected for favorable characteristics, making them a possible “competitive” market against Photo’s. I know you’re not “dwarfist” I just wanted to coin the term...
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    SpicySativa’s Outdoor Experiments

    Nice setup. I need to get cracking on something similar before we get another round of rain. I’m in Mendo. Co.
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    Any tips on getting cuttings to root faster using aeroponics

    No nutes besides cloning nutes until there are roots.
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    Drying issues

    I think you’re in a pretty good range of temp and humidity. I have mine in a similar fashion but in a deep closet about 3.5’x5’, with a closet damping rod for warmth, a small dehum, a temp/hum meter (just hung another fresh one and T/H is about 68f/62%, but I expect the rH to drop to about 55...
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    Seed Shortage?

    I’ve been storing mine in old medicine bottles or similar with a little rice, in a cool, dark area. Haven’t had any more than a year, but I think I’m within generally good parameters. May try freezing/‘fridging whatever I don’t start next Spring.
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    Just please wear a mask in public spaces and if you do get sick don’t go to the hospital. Wouldn’t want them to give you anything that would compromise your healthy immune system. It’s your choice to distrust the jab, but unfortunately the hippocratic oath doesn’t allow medical practitioners to...
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    Big Time Exterminator

    I finished the bottle in five days and switched to just a homemade citric acid solution since. I’d still use BTE up to a week from harvest if I needed to. Just like the easy clean and minimal residue of citric. Makes it so I can just quick dunk in water if I really need to rinse but I think...
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    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    Good morning. Time to go harvest another before sunup!
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    This is probably going to be very larfy, but I got some crossed-seeds on a lower branch I’m stoked to try next Spring-Summer
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    I recently had the same question, and similar/good advice, but ended up taking off a bunch of fan leaves because I knew there was no way it Wasn’t going to get mold/rot issues. Also sprayed with citric acid (1Tblsp./gallon) via a 1gal. pump sprayer, drenching completely. She (ViperCookies, from...
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    Biden's Trolling Putin The bad joke here is that Trump tried to 180-spin Biden, but Biden pulled 360 on Trump. Later, haters
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    My question to all the folks in the video (about anti-maskers/-vaxxers) who oppose “CRT” (I didn’t know what they were acronymizing at first; Critical Race Theory) is- How do the kkk breathe so well under those hoods?
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    Possible huge mistake?

    Within a week the rot will have spread. I recently went through the dance of snipping bits as they rotted, but by the time it would’ve been ready I would’ve Probably lost half of it. So, I chose to take it down. Still got some decent smoke and will have some strong oil from it. Also, I sprayed...
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    Possible huge mistake?

    I would also still dry any good bits not infected, and cure, and smoke them! Nice popcorn nugs that should be easy to inspect and save through the process. Just my opinion, and yeah, just be careful not to smoke mold!
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    Not familiar with that acronym. Please spell out, haha. Edit- nevermind- I figured it out! Thanks
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    Possible huge mistake?

    You can still make an oil or extract out of the good bits. I, personally, would rough-chop/grind it, and throw it in crockpot with coconut oil, set to low with the lid part off and let it simmer for 4 hours. I’d check and stir about halfway through and check the temp. If the herb is really fresh...
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    This is cool and all, but only compares the Pfizer vaccine and even it is comparing from early in vaccine trials. This link (below) may be better ammunition for your argument, but another thing to consider is that the death and hospitalization rate among the unvaccinated is monumentally higher...