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    senate majority leader introduce decriminalization bill what's your thoughts?

    Schumer introduces measure for federal decriminalization of marijuana (
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    largest bust in la county history

    Calif. deputies seize over $1B in illegal pot (
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    sha'carri richardson test positive for thc

    and she is still faster than non smokers!!!! IOC will not let her compete>:(
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    Good Dispensary in Washington DC area

    Just need some info about Dc area
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    Is there a thread here on riu about saving seeds?

    Just want 2 know what's the best method for perserving seeds,Methods like putting in the fridge so on and so on . Thanks in advance.
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    let's play the game of one gots to go

    choices og kush,sour diesel,chem 91 which one gotta go?
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    what's everybody's go to drink for dry mouth?

    apple juice is my go to,H2O is a close second.