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    Future CFL plans plz comment

    I seen that homedepot had good deals on a 4 socket ul certified vanity fixture that wood be perfect for splitters and 8 42 watt cfls equivalent to 200 watts a peice then take a 8 inch exhaust tube and cut wings out of it and mount fixture inside . Also thinkin about 2 4" online fans for intake...
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    check out this cfl

    Anyone think this cfl work good Let me know im interested
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    e27 led red blue spectrum

    Has anybody ever tried lights like the ones on ebay they are e27 screw socket type with like 146 leds in one bulb and red and ble spectrum what's that mean and would they work
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    whats up new from Indiana

    New to riu and love reading the threads Indiana isn't legal yet but i know norml is working on helping the ones in pain get help
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    Rheumatoid Arthritis is it supported

    I am new her and was wondering if Rheumatoid Arthritis is supported by the Michigan medical marijuana doctors and can be prescribed for Rheumatoid Arthritis
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    Michigan strains

    Anyone wanna show there Michigan strains this year?