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  1. HGCC

    Jussie Smollet: All charges dropped

    What a bunch of stupid bullshit. Dumbass trump bitches. Go back where you came from.
  2. HGCC

    What Would an Evangelical Christian Country Be Like

    I have some inlaws that didn't really grasp Talladega Nights was making fun of some Nascar aspects. They got that it was a comedy, loved it actually, but the jokes hit in an entirely different manner. Whatever floats boats It blew people's minds when I was a kid that I just didn't have any. It...
  3. HGCC

    Time remaining? Tropicana Cookies

    I would go with a week or two.
  4. HGCC

    Happy thread :)

    I knew a kid that lived on "pet cemetery rd." growing up. There was indeed a creepy pet cemetery.
  5. HGCC

    Pandemic 2020

    Hit em with a hammer.
  6. HGCC

    Is Biden really that bad?

    Look into TIPS based options, they adjust for inflation.
  7. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    Nah, I'm talking 20% of the country. Half the people don't vote, the remainder are about an equal split getting you to 25%, and then you take out the rinos based around turnips 80% approval within his party. Do you think democrats don't have jobs?
  8. HGCC

    Nutes for Coco

    I'm another that swears by the jacks/Jr Peter's products. The Epsom isn't always needed, I just watch my plants.
  9. HGCC

    January 6th hearings on Trump's failed insurrection.

    Having just completed my anti-phishing or whatever training about not falling for scams...dude the extra s in activists should be the red flag to report that spam to your local IT professional. Edit: spelling errors are a big red flag that what you are looking at is bullshit. People conveying...
  10. HGCC

    So how long do you wait after pollinating a plant, for the seeds to mature?

    I pollinate at around 2 weeks into flower, once the bud sites show a decent amount of pistils, and then typically just let the plant finish....but that's based around the idea that you should give seeds at least 6 weeks to mature, so it just sorta winds up roughly coinciding with when the plant...
  11. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    Trumps a bitch and so are his supporters ayyyyyyeeeeeeooooo. Stop wasting so many words on it.
  12. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    I liked that last paragraph.
  13. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    The fucks wrong up there that you have no Google. Did maple syrup get into your internet tubes?
  14. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    I still don't want this fuckin guy watching my kid.
  15. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    What gets me is that there are other weed forums where they love the weird right wingers. Not wanting to direct traffic away from RIU, but icmag loved the right wingers, weren't big on me being mean to them. Why don't they just go there.
  16. HGCC

    Free speech in the politics section

    People get snippy at each other when there's no bad guys.
  17. HGCC

    Faces of the master race.

    Is it really? Lol. Like...I have my interview suit. They need to upgrade.
  18. HGCC

    Is Biden really that bad?

    Every single hardcore Trumper is less of a person than Jose the gardener. These whiny fucks keep bitching about how hard life is, go fuck yourself. You can't compete with a dude making less than minimum wage that doesn't speak English, they are beating the fuck out of jimbob in the trailer park...
  19. HGCC

    Is Biden really that bad?

    Samesies, was going to ramble about economics and such, but well, I'm not qualified. School of hard knocks is not accredited. So faaaaart! Trumps a dumb bitch and so are his supporters. Buncha damn failures crying like pussies non stop that the world won't take care of them or make them feel...
  20. HGCC

    Is Biden really that bad?

    How do you think that shit stirring is going? Not sure you are coming across like you think you are.