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    15 foot ceilings

    Strut channel systems will work for this situation. Lights can be mounted directly to the metal frame, this can be done on the ground and will make installation easier. Strut channels are also good for mounting air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Home Depot sells these in 10ft lengths, but...
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    I'm placing an order with artizen, does anyone know the coupon code? Would like to get the discount if possible.
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    You dont need to use strainly to access this company, is the website. What's available will be listed onsite.
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    The sfv were unrooted, but were xl cuts and he sends three for the price. Those are already rooted and look great. Can't verify authenticity yet, but pretty good growth rate so far. Planning on getting his chem d soon.
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    My bad, thought you were in canada.
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    Recent strainly experience : Keepin it positive, Dookie Farms was a pleasure to deal with. Managed to snag motorbreath 15, nic the bruiser, and candyland. Shipping was quick, everything was packed professionally and clones were clean, green and healthy. Thanks Kaka Echelon Gardens: nice...
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    . Sorry to hear about that bro. I've talked to ohana a few times, but never made a purchase. My experience was that they seemed knowledgeable, but were slow to respond to questions. Seemed a little distracted, maybe busy idk so I decided not to order anything. Gotta remember that your order...
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    Dis-satisfaction with dutch passion seed company

    That's too bad, Dutch passion had a really good widow back in the late 90's. I still have a clone from their feminised version that i found in 99'. Smells like mentholated SKUNK with that widow aroma mixed in there. Good yield, 8 week finish and great bag appeal. After twenty years of action...
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    Some shippers dip the clones prior to sending, I'd be on the lookout anywhere from one to three weeks for pm. It doesn't always show right away.
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    Green house seeds Jack Herer smoke report

    Sensi's jack herer is not even close to what it was 15 to 20yrs ago. Purchased and ran two packs of it about 5yrs back, plants resembled the originals but lacked the heavy frost jack is famous for. Aroma was the close to the original, but potency was weak. Also had a similar experience with...
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    DONT EVER USE RedruM Genetics on strainly!!

    That sucks bro, saw the ads posted by RedruM last week and instantly thought that RedruM may be Burninbarz Genetics. For anyone thinking of purchasing through strainly stay away from Burninbarz, this guy sends the filthiest clones I've seen. First I found Aphids, then root aphids and last but...
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    Topdawg Genetics

    Hopefully you find something good in those, the a5 in that cross could be a winner. My experience with topdawg haze is limited to one pack of one strain, I'm sure there are some good hazes coming out of jj's gear. Ive found some nice ones in their chem/stardawg lines for sure. Kali mist was...
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    Topdawg Genetics

    I ran a pack of mango Nigerian haze about a year ago, typical haze structure with heavy catpiss ammonia on the nose. Only had 3 females, two were finished in ten weeks the other one went eleven. Potency was pretty average and high was balanced, tasted like it smelled. The eleven week pheno had...
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    Archive Seed Bank

    About ten years ago I had a similar experience with Dr. Greenthumb's ghost og s1's. Structure and yield were decent for an og, but taste,aroma, and potency were lacking and didn't have the profile I expected from an og. At that time there was lots of hype about the ghost clone, I remember...
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    Mainly's clones are healthy, disease and pest free. His clones ship fully rooted in solo cups of organic soil, they're pretty big but somewhat expensive at 200 to 250 each. Aroma is a solid vendor, verified clean genetics rooted in rockwool. Offers discounts on multiple purchases, most...