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  1. stevo89

    Homegrown Cannabis Company.

    Just a little update,good stuff. My mowie wowie has a fruity peebles smell and the skunk,well it stinks. Will post pics when i get home. Only bout 4-5 weeks into flower but i figure money well spent. No freebies but o'well.
  2. stevo89

    90x60 grow tent lighting

    Save $$$ in the long run and go HLG,just say'in.... I got MH's and SF's. But HLG rocks the house if ya know what im sayin!
  3. stevo89

    Unwatered weed plants

    You would be amazed at how deep roots can go to seek moisture.
  4. stevo89

    Who's your favorite breeder?

    Im'a say home grown cannabis company,no freebies but had great results. Got two mowie wowies and a super skunk #1 that are looking great!
  5. stevo89

    HLG 600r *pulled the trigger

    I LOVE my 600 R-Spec! Things a friggin beast! You do your part,it'll do its part and together,yall gunna grow some good weed!
  6. stevo89

    Spiderfarmer sf 1000

    Had one for a couple years now (pretty sure its the sf1k). Use it for veg now,works great. Lot cooler than my mh1k.
  7. stevo89

    Is soil easier?

    Soil can be more forgiving. Lots of good options (i like happy frog for example).
  8. stevo89

    Reservoir help

    We got some at work and they take YEARS to wear out.
  9. stevo89

    Blue Cookie LED grow

    Super nice man! Got a clone of this im hoping to flower soon,you got me hella excited bro! Great job!
  10. stevo89

    Starting seeds and why you do it that way

    Same here,poke a hole,drop em' in and let mother nature do the rest. Always worked for me.
  11. stevo89

    Homegrown Cannabis Company.

    Anyone delt with them before? In the US and seem legit. Ordered some mowie wowie and super skunk #1 both fem. Came in about 12 days and had good results with germination. Just wondering who else has tried em.
  12. stevo89

    Headband haze 13/14 weeks

    Thank you for the kind words my friend :) and your right,it can only get better.
  13. stevo89

    Headband haze 13/14 weeks

    I would but its pretty sad looking,i did my best but im not doing dispensary clones any more,atleast from the local places. Finally got some good seeds so im'a work on them. Thank you all very much! RIU rocks!
  14. stevo89

    Interview to lead a commercial grow

    Congrats bro! You now have a job some of us can only dream about. Go get em' brother!
  15. stevo89

    Headband haze 13/14 weeks

    This was a clone frome a local dispensary,i dont really count the first initial week,i call it "changing gears" lol. Im praying shes almost done cause i really need the room in my flower tent. What ya'll think,nother week or two? She might look a bit crispy still working on dialing in my set up...
  16. stevo89

    High high

    Best of luck,a ton of super smart peeps in here. My advice would be to sift through what interests you and read. Mega tons of good info here.
  17. stevo89

    What is the best soil to use?

    Been using happy frog lately,love it!
  18. stevo89

    Transplant in flower

    At first with clones (lights on) with softer light then later on moved to flower tent (lights off) for the broken branch (only). But i did have a lemon sour diesel that was in too small of pot in mid flower so i transplanted and she blew up which is with the rest in 12/12. Maybe im not...
  19. stevo89

    Transplant in flower

    I run my smaller clones on a 18/6 in one tent,teener clones on a 20/4 in veg part and of course 12/12 in flower tent. The budding branch i broke off was just an accident i was just fooling around with. I move shit around when i think its time. Yes i have transplanted during flowering. Does that...
  20. stevo89

    Transplant in flower

    I move shit around from various tents so everybody is happy. A labor of love. Edit:Im an old fart so it gives me something to do,they keep me busy and i wouldnt have it any other way.