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    MedicGrow Fold 8 760w Samsung Diodes 8 bar fixture? $589 US shipped free, BETTER DEAL THAN MEIJIU BAR LIGHTS!?

    Got mine too a few minutes ago. Everything looks good and it works. The steel hangers look kinda rinky-dink. What are some good reliable hangers for a big heavy light like the EZ-8? I'm still deciding what other light I will buy, leaning towards a 1000W DE HPS to compare. I've only used old...
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    MedicGrow Fold 8 760w Samsung Diodes 8 bar fixture? $589 US shipped free, BETTER DEAL THAN MEIJIU BAR LIGHTS!?

    Yours might be a month out as well? I think they need to do a better job informing the customer what's up as far as IN-STOCK inventory. Customer service is important to building a new brand in the day of the internets, the big shots should be reading this thread and taking appropriate action. We...
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    MedicGrow Fold 8 760w Samsung Diodes 8 bar fixture? $589 US shipped free, BETTER DEAL THAN MEIJIU BAR LIGHTS!?

    One of my EZ-8's is scheduled to be here tomorrow Friday. The other one is a month out so we cancelled that order. It seems like they're waiting for an order from China? What do y'all recommend in the price range? I'm considering a nice double ended 1000w HPS system to do a side by side.
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    MedicGrow Fold 8 760w Samsung Diodes 8 bar fixture? $589 US shipped free, BETTER DEAL THAN MEIJIU BAR LIGHTS!?

    Ordered 2 EZ-8's for the Labor day sale. They said they only had 1 in stock and the other one would ship later. The 1st one was supposed to arrive today but got "delayed". Did you get your light? I'm waiting patiently.
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    Remember online clones from 2002?

    Yup, those were the strains. I remember because when my friend ordered, they were out of White Shark and i think they also had a clone only Cotton Candy strain. They were sent express and you had to sign for them or they would leave them at your door, balls of steel in our state. They were...
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    Remember online clones from 2002?

    I was just trying to remember the name of the company for old times sake, it didn't last very long.
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    Remember online clones from 2002?

    Back in the early 2000's Overgrow days there was a member that sold clones from a website. My friend ordered some clones and actually kept a mom for a few years. They had strains like bigbud, shiva skunk, bubblebum etc. I thought it was crazy and could be a setup by the feds, but it was legit...
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    Thc farmer??

    Logic = Thief. Only seed vendor that has ripped me off in 22 years, fool me once.
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    THC FARMER The only seed bank that has ever ripped me off.

    They got me to many years ago, on a mix pack I wanted that wasn't too expensive fortunately. The guy is a thief with many victims. I don't know why reputable breeders distribute with known thieves.
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    Hemp Depot

    After CW and Heavens Stairway went down, HD was my go to. No freebies, nothng fancy but great prices and 100% success. Now we have the US vendors and for a tax, don't have to worry about pink slips from the feds.
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    Can someone describe or post pictures of a seizure letter that you received for reference?

    Order from Hazeman, he's a local veteran with great prices and genetics. You can find him on instagram under infinitygenetics.
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    Pushing my 4x4 tent to the max with Sea of Green method. Will it work?

    In SOG (single cola) the masters with the perfect strain and environment have yielded 2.5-2.8lbs per 1000w, 3-4.5 per 1000w is unheard of. Strain, environment and light penetration is key. Only one strain for an even canopy and diet, and clones must also be even in size and root at the same...
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    Floralicious plus? What's the point?

    Thanks for your tests and reports Bueno Time, I'm a Floranova Bloom lover myself.
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    Canada banks that ship to U.S

    I've had 100% success with Hempdepot through many years. Started using them after Heavens Stairway and Cbay went down. Nothing fancy, no credit cards and regular mail but it seems to work. I think your order is more likely to be confiscated from Europe, but the selection is bigger across the...
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    my take on ngr

    No dog in this fight but when compared to Hempdepot certain beans are cheaper. GGG "bastard series" is $26 cheaper on HD ($44-$70). Sin City is also cheaper on HD, but HD is out of stock on most Sin City strains currently. Powernap and Sinfully Sour are $65 on HD, all Sin City is $85 on NGR...
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    Suggest a Seedbank.

    I've had 100% success rate from Hempdepot over many years.
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    ***The Dons' 27 Week Sativa*** BLACK FORREST

    great report, thanks
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    Mixing White & Multi Spectrum Chip LEDs to Grow MedMan Silver Skunk BX1

    Very nice, now get a high yielding strain and grow it to it's full potential with the spydr so we can see what it can really do. I think it will kick ass