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    CSI humboldt thread

    just be careful with the ona gel, it can make your buds taste soapy if too close to your grow.
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    The Perfect Dry and Cure, EVERYTIME!

    it burns better when you allow the plant to use all it's energy
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    senate majority leader introduce decriminalization bill what's your thoughts?

    Schumer introduces measure for federal decriminalization of marijuana (
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    Spider farmer SF-4000 appears to be a fire hazard.

    so what's the best led money can buy?
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    largest bust in la county history

    Calif. deputies seize over $1B in illegal pot (
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    CSI humboldt thread

    I think it's a cut he got out of colorado .
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    sha'carri richardson test positive for thc

    and she is still faster than non smokers!!!! IOC will not let her compete>:(
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    CSI humboldt thread

    charlotte house here
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    CSI humboldt thread

    would you grow it again?
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    CSI humboldt thread

    did it lean to the katsu side?
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Thanks CSI humboldt super fast delivery!!! with freebies :hump:
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    CSI humboldt thread

    What nutes do you use?
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    The ORIGINAL Bubba Kush!

    how was the babu? I loved his bubba kush s1
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    CSI humboldt thread

    Triangle kush s1 back on his site only 4 packs left!!!
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    Southern Oregon Seeds

    southern Oregon is a good company
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    How tf do you decide strains?

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    Receiving bud and cart's In mail?

    If you got 2 ask DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!
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    Good Dispensary in Washington DC area

    Just need some info about Dc area
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    best c99 seed to buy online?

    southern oregon seeds has a decent one!!! 55$ a pack
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    Topdawg Genetics

    man I love nectar of the gods!!!!