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  1. drsaltzman

    Indoor veggie grow

    Well I was psyched to do the square foot gardening method but after seeing how much space I actually had to work with I went from four rows of four to three rows of three. I also had a Sicilian chili plant that I started earlier so I think space wise this is the best for the first time. Chili...
  2. drsaltzman

    Fan leaves vs. Bud sites

    I've always wondered, since the fan leaves grab the light and do the heavy lifting for the plant, what is the purpose of thinning them to create more light at the bud sites? Is it the small fans and sugar leaves around the bud, or the big fan leaves at the nodes, that are giving the plant the...
  3. drsaltzman

    Feed fertilized plant differently?

    I chucked a whole female full of pollen. Do you feed as normal or should you bump something up/down for the best seeds?
  4. drsaltzman


    Always been curious: is pollen … pollen? Or can you improve it somehow like you can buds? I’ve got a nice looking male with plenty of flowers that I’m not going to tempt fate with in my grow room. None of the flowers have opened yet but they’re close. If I stick the plant upstairs in a window...
  5. drsaltzman

    Square foot gardening in a 4X4X6 tent

    Just curious if anyone on the gardening thread has attempted this, and if I could pick their brain a little. I was thinking about sixteen 3 gallon grow bags, plus maybe a vertical hanging growbag for herbs. 400W of LED. Could supplement with t5's too. Soil grow. Determinate tomatoes, some...
  6. drsaltzman

    Full spectrum LED glasses

    I'm just throwing this out there in case anyone is interested in saving a few bucks. I couldn't bring myself to pay $60 or $120 for Method7 glasses. I found these. They just arrived. Now you're not staring into...
  7. drsaltzman

    Y splitter for exhaust

    Will it work or will the pressure from each exhaust fan cause problems for the other? I have one 6 inch hole in my wall to vent outside. Don’t want to make another one if I can help it. 2x4 tent has a 240cfm fan and I’ll put a 480 in the 4x4 tent I’m buying. Anybody doing this?
  8. drsaltzman

    First hermie ever ... I think.

    So my last Tangie seed is acting all weird. All 9 others popped ... got about a 50/50 M/F ratio so far. Seeded some Rainbow with one of the males and have a great hybrid from it. Wanted to get one last male Tangie to pollinate the hybrid and bring in some more Tangie traits. All looking good ...
  9. drsaltzman

    Water Analysis

    Anybody know how to interpret this? Like for instance, what does the cal and mag equate to in mg per liter? Is there anything useful in this report? I know the PH is on the high end but that settles into range with nutes, or a little citric acid if plain watering.
  10. drsaltzman

    300W Vero29 COB grow

    I've had these lights for about a year, in a 2X4 tent with some T5 side lighting. First, here's some fire from my last grow. This is a Tangie male/Rainbow female cross I'm trying to develop: It smells like Fruit Stripe gum if you're old enough to remember that. Crazy orange pistils and lots...
  11. drsaltzman

    Opposite of back crossing ...

    Instead of cloning the mom and repollinating her with one of her own male seeds. What if you take one of a mom's female seeds and pollinate it with the original dad's? Are you bringing new traits in? Or are you making the dad's more dominant? Or does it do nothing? Can't find anything about that.
  12. drsaltzman


    I'm wondering how long after topping or fimming do you have to wait before flipping into flower? I've got 6 plants, all from seed. They're pretty squat ... under Timber LEDs. Topped them a week ago tomorrow. I like where they are as far even height. Need to sex them and keep them under 6 feet. 3...
  13. drsaltzman

    Sativa dom

    First grow. Timber 300W COB. 2X4 Gorilla tent. Soil. Iguana Juice. T5 side lighting. Shave Ice and Grapestomper. Both sativa dom. Flipped May 8. Eight weeks this Monday. Loving the trichs on the Shave Ice. Top nugs are hard. Just not seeing the swell. Turning purple with some browning tips on...
  14. drsaltzman

    Plants seem short

    I started these from clones. Two sativa doms. My first grow. They vegged under two 125W CFL's for 4 weeks and then I switched to 12/12 4weeks ago today. 2 weeks under the CFL and now 2 weeks under these Timber LED's. (Velcroed 4 T5 24W bulbs to the corner poles throughout as well.) The plants...