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  1. Warfox

    Smell difference: Indoor vs. Outdoor

    Does anyone notice a difference in smell re: outdoors vs indoors grown? I’m not bagging on indoor by any means, but it seems to me that indoor has a less complex(or is ir just different?)terpene profile? I don’t know exactly how to describe it specifically; it just seems that, to repeat the...
  2. Warfox

    MMJ Patients with Financial Hardship

    Is there an organization in MA that helps MMJ patients unable to afford it?
  3. Warfox

    White Widow

    I have 3 Seedsman white widows outdoors about 8 weeks flowering. Anyways, the two short pheno’s are just super plump looking, and the leaves are beginning to steeple up to enclose the buds, but they still have 30-50% or so white pistils. The thing is, is took some testers and I’ll be damned...
  4. Warfox

    KC33 vs. Leda Uno

    Hey guys, I’ve been investigating KC Brains’ KC33 and Leda Uno - and I am planning on growing one or both - in addition to his Mango and KC36 outside @ 42N. Does anyone know how many weeks these actually take to flower? Also any opinions on how they smoke? I’ll be finishing...