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  1. Rozgreenburn

    Help me find an awesome laughing type weed.

    Once in a while, someone would produce a weed that just made everything funny or else we'd sitting around smiling. My anti depressants need a serious boost:cry:.
  2. Rozgreenburn

    Fabric pots dry too quickly.

    I hesitated using fabric pots due to everyone bitching that they dry out too fast. I am starting some 5 gallon fabric pots for an experiment. I will run 5 plants planted directly into pots, I will run 5 others side by side. The second 5, I simply put a plastic "wal-mart" bag inside the fabric...
  3. Rozgreenburn

    Premium seed market?

    Has anyone had experience here? Looks like some nice gear.
  4. Rozgreenburn

    Fungus Gnats, problem?

    I'm deciding what to do about a modest gnat problem. I've read that they are not as problematic in organic grows. How harmful would a small dose of BT be for my soil microbes? I've got decades of synthetic experience but I have committed to organic living soil and the learning journey I'm...
  5. Rozgreenburn

    Just sayin' hey,

    Hey, Happy growing y'all, I been happy with this site, Lots of good advise and innovative ideas. After 30 plus years I decided to go organic after reading the "Revs" TLO manual. I've got a lot of unlearning to do but without change something in us sleeps, and seldom, if ever awakens! This...
  6. Rozgreenburn

    Need inoculation substrate mix recipe

    After starting with a kit, I'm ready to go solo. I just need a recipe for inoculation with spore syringe.
  7. Rozgreenburn

    Best PS spawn suppliers.

    Looking for M mushroom spores. Need good stuff as this will be my first try. Where should I look?
  8. Rozgreenburn

    Hey CO2 help.

    I want to switch to an LP burner for co2. It seems someone must have done a homemade set up. any ideas?