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  1. Giggsy70

    Driftwood genetics?

    Has anyone grown out any of Driftwood genetics? I see them at Artizen seedshop and they have some incredible sounding crosses. Clem Cake (Clementine x Backberry Cheesecake) Clementine= Tangie x Lemon Skunk Blackberry Cheesecake= Wedding Cake x Black Banana Congo (Vanilla Gorilla x Jungle...
  2. Giggsy70


    Good day everyone. What is the deal with it looks to be the same as Great Lake Genetics with a few variances. They have strains that have been sold out forever, available. Has anyone ordered from this site? Are they the same? Thanks ahead of time
  3. Giggsy70

    Bananas to get female seeds

    I just read a article that says putting seeds in baggie with banana peels, will turn the seeds to fems after a few weeks. Has anyone heard or tried this? I have extra regs I might just try this.
  4. Giggsy70

    Soil .......

    Hey there peeps. I am getting ready for 2019 Outdoor and am looking into different soils. I have a bag of Wilco Professional Potting Soil - pumice, Peat moss, Aged bark fines, compost, perlite, fish bone meal, feather meal, blood meal, ground oyster shell, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and lime are...
  5. Giggsy70

    Washington 2018 outdoor grow

    I live in Washington around Tacoma. Have had a good year so far. Running a couple Deputies (Bruce Banner #3 x Stardawg), Pig Whistle (red head stranger x Stardawg), purple mountain majesty (purple goji x Stardawg), a Blizzard Bush (pure vida bodhi x Stardawg) all from Greenpoint seeds. Also have...
  6. Giggsy70

    Oregon Green Seeds Two Dawgs...

    Has anyone experience with Oregon Green Seeds Two Dawgs? Looks like a VERY GOOD chance at finding FIRE in there from the leg work they have put into it. Here so their description: Two Dogs is the result of crossing two Stardawg BXs together – Stardawg BXs that I made using two different...
  7. Giggsy70

    GDP's Snowcap ? Anyone

    I am curious if anyone has grown out GDP's Snowcap (jack herrer x catpiss) x catpiss? I am looking for a STANKY cat piss strain and am leaning towards this way. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  8. Giggsy70

    Dudeism ? Live to abide, Abide to live.

    Does anyone here follow I am going to get ordained and start having meet and greets with peeps in the Tacoma,Washington area.
  9. Giggsy70

    Darkhorse Genetics - Joe Fix-it

    Has anyone grown out this cross (Lemon Catpiss x Bruce Banner #3)? very interesting sounding mix of genetics. Thanks ahead of time.
  10. Giggsy70

    Music ???

    I am thinking of playing music in my tents. I plan on playing male musicians like Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5,Frank Sinatra and some Meditation/Spa relaxation music in my female tent. I am planning on Rhianna, Madonna and a few Reggae/Dancehall musicians in my male tent. has anyone grown with...
  11. Giggsy70

    Best banana taste and effect

    I am looking for a good banana strain. I am leaning towards Thug Pug Banana Breath or Banana S1's. Holy Smoke has a good number of crossed with Banana Bread intriguing me the most. Anyone have good word on any others out there?
  12. Giggsy70


    Has anyone tried this alternative?
  13. Giggsy70

    Capital vs Whip it...

    I am curious which is the better butane to use for blasting BHO. Capital N butane or Whip It premium butane. I have used Capital and liked it so much better than the Korean crap. Am thinking of going with Whip It if it's equal or better. Thanks for the assistance ahead of time.
  14. Giggsy70

    Any ideas ? Please

    I found this one one of my sweetest smelling girls. No idea what it is.
  15. Giggsy70

    Peanut butter crunch fudge brownies.....

    I am making a double batch of fudge brownie's with chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels bites baked on top. I used 11.5 grams of decarbed Gorilla glue kief. I also used coconut milk instead of water and organic coconut oil instead of veg oil.
  16. Giggsy70

    Kief Brownies

    Made another batch of brownies. I am using two boxes Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate brownie mix. I decarbed 11 grams of Gorilla Glue kief in one cup coconut oil before adding to the batter. I can tell these are going to be stronger than the ones I made last weekend using 7.5 grams. I made a 10x15...
  17. Giggsy70

    English Premiership.. Who R Ya?????

    It's that time of year to follow the beautiful game on a regular basis with the Premiership in England taking off this week. I follow Manchester United and look fwd to winning silverware this year. It should be an incredible season to follow. My question s who do you support? Last but not...
  18. Giggsy70

    TGA's Cuvee

    Has anyone grown or smoked TGA's Cuvee?
  19. Giggsy70

    Old School Breeders Association

    Has anyone had any experiences with Old School Growers Association gear? They have some interesting strains that sound quite nice.
  20. Giggsy70

    Coconut water ????

    Hey there. I read about someone using coconut water for his plants. Seems to make great sense to me. Has anyone ever used it for their plants? I am getting ready to switch to flower and am thinking of adding it to my feeding regiment.