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  1. Mr. Bakerton

    eruption of stigmas late flower - autoflower.

    UK cheese autoflower. I harvested the majority of this plant weeks ago. My target was cloudy with few amber trichomes. The lower buds looked like they could go for another week or two so I left them. I was going to let them stay until 50% amber or so for just those times. Looking at them...
  2. Mr. Bakerton

    I have been a bad bad care taker

    These girls have been in flower for almost 4 weeks. The looked good back in veg, imo. Somehow I lied to my self along the way and now I'm realizing I was wrong. I have been feeding fox farms trio (obviously stopped the grow big) as well as the ff micro trio mix (cha ching, etc)...
  3. Mr. Bakerton

    starting on a problem. Leaf picture for help

    I started from seed Late June. Added some clones along the way. Everyone has had good growth, I had a Nitrogen abundance and I backed off any feedings pretty quickly. That fixed itself within a week or two. All of a sudden most of the plants are telling me something is wrong again...
  4. Mr. Bakerton

    Screen Of green, trellis netting, just starting, Am I doing it right

    I am intrigued with using a net to spread out the plants. I have done some topping, some spreading early on by tying, etc. Does this look like the right start? Do I need more vertical growth before I begin? I'm just a tad confused on how to start it. Also i see that the middle...
  5. Mr. Bakerton

    Moving plants outdoors?

    The time is now for OUTDOOR preflowers and flowers will soon follow in my area .. I am only referring to the 2 larger plants in the pic. What is the process of moving an established plant from indoor to outdoor? At this stage of growth is it a bad idea?
  6. Mr. Bakerton

    Adding a new LIGHT?

    I've got too much time on my hands and had been doing some after the purchase research. And now I'm wondering.. Should I add an additional light or switch them out all together? In a 4x4 grow tent, I am running the Mars Hydro TS 3000. Its a nice light. I had previously ran a HPS...
  7. Mr. Bakerton

    Just started a grow, need more plants - how to get there

    Just started a grow. I was hoping to place 4 Hulkberry Plus sativa dominant plants in 4x4 tent. I had a high seed germ failure rate. :( Only 1 out of 7 seeds took. The HB+ has a flower time of approx 70 - 85 days. I found a friend that may be able to supply me with a clone or two...
  8. Mr. Bakerton

    Tent air / fan questions.

    2 Qs. Growing in a 4x4 tent. 1. My fan comes on during lights on. Its working great and I have good air flow. Should I have air flow during lights out too? Will this be important during flower? To help reduce mold and things? My humidity is between 50 and 64. I expect it to be lower...
  9. Mr. Bakerton

    Here we go! - open for comment

    Its been a while. Got some new gear along the way. I've continued to start various seeds indoors for my garden. Lots actually, veggies, herbs, trees, EVERY YEAR I manage to pump out probably 100 plants. Its been about a decade though for the great green one. So here we go...
  10. Mr. Bakerton

    Failed seeds. But it was all perfect!

    I recently just picked up some seeds, 2 varieties from a reputable shop, or so I thought. I popped 3 of one and 4 of another, That should give me 2 and 3 beans left (counting my free gift)! I have used my system to raise all sorts of seedlings over the years (decade plus). A heat mat...
  11. Mr. Bakerton

    Cicada Brood X - leaving street tracks

    The cicada's were a nice addition to the outdoors this year or so I thought. Lots of mystery holes in the ground followed by the emerging and discarded shells as they underwent that amazing transformation to there flying self. My dogs have been outside non stop searching to crunch and munch...
  12. Mr. Bakerton

    You have no recent conversations. - Solved, I'm an idiot.

    If I click this button all visit one of the recent activities all the rest disappear. The show all function is empty. HALP I guess I was clicking the wrong button... Should have been using the BELL. I bet nobody has ever made a mistake on a marijuana forum.. :
  13. Mr. Bakerton

    Fabric pots and upsizing questions.

    I have grown in plastic, clay, glass and stone pots as well as in the ground. (general plants) I have transplanted, etc. Whats some of the tips and tricks with fabric pots? I like what I have read about them. I have 5 and 10 gallon pots. My plan was to start seeds in jiffy seedling...
  14. Mr. Bakerton

    Starting seeds and why you do it that way

    I've started many seeds in my life. Seeds of all kinds of plants and trees. Typically very successful too. I grew marijuana a while back and did the paper towel trick. It worked. But why do it that way? I would never dream of starting tomato seeds out of soil. No way would I try and...