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  1. 420burn420

    Mars Hydro FC-3000 Grow #MarsHydroFCE3000

    Strain - fem photos 1x Scouts 1x cookie breath 1x gorilla breath 1x grapefruit diesel Tent - Mars Hydro 2x2 Medium - soil ffof Light - fc-3000 @ 30% They are about 2 weeks old, the bigger one in the front left is about 3 weeks I think. I have a bit of gnats trying to get them under control...
  2. 420burn420

    Mars Hydro Journal FC3000 2x4 tent

    So I'm growing some strawberry pie from fast buds and blackberry gum from seed stockers. She is in early flower , I had snapped the main stem and taped it up she seems to be recovering. strawberry pie auto on the left and bg auto on the right. Also those are tomato plants in the back. Soil -...
  3. 420burn420


    So it's suppose to be released on nov 12. I missed out on the pre-order. I'm thinking about logging in to account @ 11:40 day before and keep refreshing every 5 mins until it's available. What are you guys thinking that want a Ps5.
  4. 420burn420

    New Jersey

    New Jersey just won the vote to legalize marijuana - Congrats. :bigjoint: New York shouldn't be too far behind. Major de blasio "ny state needs to legalize pot" the governor also supports legalization...
  5. 420burn420


    Setup - Mars Hydro 2x2 tent with Mars Hydro TS1000W, I have a carbon filter but didn't set that up yet. I will probably do that when it begins to flower. Soil - Fox Farm Ocean Forest Germination Method - soaked bean in a cup of distilled water for 24 hrs then placed in a paper towel and zip...
  6. 420burn420

    new from ny

    :weed:sup everyone new to this ..really intrested in makeing my own home grown i ordered some blackjack feminized and some short rider autos. this is going to be my first attempt. so right now i'm trolling all the threads to see whats up :leaf:
  7. 420burn420

    possible setup need feedback

    ok so i'm willing to dish out some cash in a grow system in the long run i think it should be worth it i did a lil research and this is what i want and think might work need some feedback..these are my specs ---lighting---- Overall Dimensions: 47" Long x 10" Wide x 3" Deep for veging 4 lamp...