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    Website/App Helps You Select The Right LED Driver has a nice drop-down calculator tab for constant voltage and constant current drivers.

    Thc8 wtf

    If I'm not mistaken, delta8 isn't present in cannabis in any appreciable amount. It is produced in a chemical reflux reaction from CBD base stock. That is usually found in high concentrations in hemp strains.

    Taking oral dosages problems

    Normally get a nice amber shatter. I think some folks use iso-alcohol, but I'm not familiar with it.

    Taking oral dosages problems

    I've been medicating with cannabis oil for almost 6 years now for pain management. RSO is pretty simple and effective, but it can have a funky taste. I now use cryo-ethanol extraction and reclaim the ethanol using an Etoh -pro. Same basic process as RSO, except you keep everything frozen so it...


    That's one of the challenges you face when running different strains on a common rez.

    Compound HQ's Grows

    You planning on some air drops???

    Mars hydro leds not fully turning off

    The standard 3-terminal120V outlets are usually polarized. That means the longer vertical terminal is supposed to be connected to the neutral wire and has a silver screw. The line circuit(120v) is attached to the short vertical terminal with the copper-colored screw. The neutral wire and the...

    Do I need venting for a 2x2 tent with a 250 watt ballast

    HPS will have much more red in the spectrum compared to say a 3000k white led. That alone will promote stretching.

    Compound HQ's Grows

    Looks promising. Any feedback on how well it yields when making extracts.
  10. GBAUTO

    Ordered a 480 watt and a 4x4 how many autos can I grow ?

    I use a 4x4 for my pheno hunts in 3 gal bags with coco in a 3x3 f/d tray. Even flipping them at 6" resulted in a full tent with 5 girls.
  11. GBAUTO

    5x5 grow tent LED

    If I was going to run a 5x5, I would use a pair of 320-watt panel or strip fixtures. I like a 3500k spectrum with added 660 reds. Anything using lm301b(or h) diodes will get the job done.
  12. GBAUTO

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Have to admit I'd be tempted...
  13. GBAUTO

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Safety first??? Oh, Hell No...
  14. GBAUTO

    The Chinese Quantum Board Knock Off Builds

    I've found the same running my Vero arrays upstairs. They have approximately 35 watts of 660's on each array that I can switch separately, and running them during veg did elongate node spacing on tight pheno's.
  15. GBAUTO

    Do I need venting for a 2x2 tent with a 250 watt ballast

    Couple of issues I see. First.without using any extraction to 'replenish' the air volume in the tent it will consume all of the available CO2 in the tent and the plants will begin to suffocate(they need CO2 to 'breathe'. Second is the fact you're adding 250 watts of heat into the tent-if you...
  16. GBAUTO

    DYNOMYCO® We Want You: Side-by-Side Comparative Grow Contest.

    I've used this product before and I had very positive results. Good luck with the promo.
  17. GBAUTO

    Need help

    I'd look at it as the damage is done, so enjoy your seeded bud. The bigger question would be what triggered the plants to hermi.
  18. GBAUTO

    Same strain / buds look different?

    Welcome to the world of genetics. Even though those seeds may have produced with the same parents, you'll get phenotype expressions. I think that clones are the only way to have identical plants, but that isn't a possibility with autos.
  19. GBAUTO

    Is silver mountain x pleasidin a female seed

    Regular as in NOT feminized. Flip a coin.
  20. GBAUTO

    Led Users Unite!

    I run one of their 480w QB-clone fixtures in my pheno tent. I've had it for a couple of years now, and it's been flawless.