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  1. Giggsy70

    SinCity Seeds Info Thread

    I grew a beautiful Deep pockets outdoors and was fortunate enough to get some nice weather to allow her some extra time. She was a solid 7x5 bush and a nice dark purple on the fade.. Will run the rest of the beans indoors and look for a solid momma.
  2. Giggsy70

    Bloom Seed Co

    Space guavaz outdoors finishing up solid. Been very fortunate with the weather cooperating and allowing the few extra weeks.
  3. Giggsy70

    Katsu seeds

    His latest list he just emailed me about sour diesel and a few projects had a menu list at the bottom. Dracarys was listed like it is available. So you might try again asap. I grew out Key lime kush and it is a very very nice grow with incredible end product.
  4. Giggsy70

    Katsu seeds

    Hit up Katsu through his website. He still has Dracarys available. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws in crazy freebies. Join his email club and he is always giving first dibs on his new year at discounted prices too.
  5. Giggsy70

    Green line organics seed bank

    Today I ordered 2 packs from the CSI Humboldt lemon tree drop. Two for $110 on those too. He dropped quite a few new lemon tree x's.
  6. Giggsy70

    CSI humboldt thread

    GLO just dropped a bunch of lemon tree crosses. Just throwing it out there and @$110 for 2 packs.I couldn't say no. Grabbed purple Hindu x LT and pineapple x LT.
  7. Giggsy70

    Tiki Madman

    One of my Specimen X outdoors. Can't wait to run indoors where I'll have more control. Beautiful dark purple with a sweet scent coming off her. My other one has beautiful purple tones just not as dark as this one. Number 1 had red stems all the way through it life cycle. Enjoy your grow...
  8. Giggsy70

    Clearwater Genetics

    Specimen X #3 just a absolutely incredible experience to watch grow. Had red stems since early veg, been kicking up the stink these last few weeks, dark purple almost black in color. #1 has a little lighter purpling going on and a good frosting. Ended up ordering another pack. I also have a few...
  9. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    A couple packages in the mail. Kropduster's MAC crasher f2's and bx1. Strayfox's North Indian kush cake and 21 candles with raspberry lights freebie. Clearwater's Thunderclap- Rabid hippie cut of Kushmints x Apple mints (RH cut kushmint bx) has me super stoked to see these do their thing.
  10. Giggsy70

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    Got my North Indian kush cake (Tom Hill's North Indian red skunk x Seed Junky's LA kush cakes) and 21 candles (fpog #21 x roman candles) with raspberry lights (nl x Ukiah raspberry) for a freebie.
  11. Giggsy70

    Chuckers paradise......

    Dropping a few each of these in h2o. Going to use half a pack (6) Oni Sour bananacanna's - (sour diesel x banana og) x Tropicana cookies male to make f2's and some wild crosses. I have grown out the Katsu's key lime kush, Compound's pink certz (menthol x grape gasoline) and Loud-Cannagenix's...
  12. Giggsy70

    shoreline genetics

    Shoreline's Hard Candy (candy punch x Bubba) getting her purple on. This is a SCROGers dream plant. With some training this plant could output very good numbers. Sweet berry scent getting stronger.
  13. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    GLO has crazy pricing on Strayfox's Roadkill wedding. Stray also just dropped a strain using a Heirloom Indian red skunk that would have a good shot a the skunk funk your looking for. Shoreline's Skunk is solid too.
  14. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    Couldn't stay away from a Amber GLO email. Ordered Strayfox's 21 candles (fpog #21 x roman candles (starfighter x Williams Wonder)) for $30 and Clearwater's kushmint bx (rabbid hippie cut) kushmint x applemints (apple fritter x kushmints) for $75. Too hard to pass on $115 shipping included...
  15. Giggsy70

    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    You will enjoy that Trainwreck Ogee. I grew out some that was very frosty and RASPBERRY TERPS for days. Colorful for sure.
  16. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    Just grabbed a 3 pack of Solfire's lemon grab (lemon tree x why u gelly) and a pack of Oni's Sour bananacanna (sour diesel x banana og) x Tropicana cookies from Rare Packs on Strainly. He sends out 5 pack of Rainbow Chip f2's for freebies too.
  17. Giggsy70

    Oni seeds

    Anyone ever grow out Sour bananacanna - (banana og x sour diesel) x Tropicana cookies? I grabbed a pack off Strainly and am stoked for what those beans might hold.
  18. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    Grabbed the Green Team's beans on IG through a auction from Green Team direct and ordered the Demonic Genetics from Strainly. Demonic is a solid breeder at very cheap prices. Got Wedding cake x purple punch 2.0 as a freebie.
  19. Giggsy70

    Wyeast Farms Genetics

    So I am looking through Green Bodhi at Great Lake Genetics and see that Wyeast did a collaboration with GB. Green Bodhi – Blackberry Octane #7 x Illusion OG Is the Blackberry Octane from Wyeast? My guess is Blackberry and Jet Fuel Gelato. Whatever it is I think I need some of those beans, plus...
  20. Giggsy70

    Your latest seed purchase?

    That skeleton crew has me drooling. Jesus og is a great strain and awesome grow, so I can imagine flavor for days.