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  1. Yande

    Lighting suggestions for 1m x 1m tent. I have a Mars Hydro TSW2000, what can I fit in tent for Flowering?

    Title says it all. (1m x 1m is ~ 3' x 3') I've been reading and a lot of people have stated that for flowering, the Mars Hydro TSW2000 is not going to make the cut. First grow in a long time, and only doing 2 plants. Any lighting suggestions that would assist an increase in my yield and fit...
  2. Yande

    Growing Green stuff (Seaweed) when living next to an Ethanol Factory that produces CO2. Here in Australia. Hope for the future.

    This is a win win. Our business partner is taking it to the next level. Check this 8 minute video out. The way of the future we hope. Using the CO2 from the ethanol factory to percolate thru Pia's tanks. Envious...
  3. Yande

    DWC Top Feed. First Grow in over 20 years.. Help, Advice appreciated.

    Ok, I've been procrastinating about putting this thread up, as I do not like asking for help and think I can nut most things out myself... but I need advice.. I want guidance, so if you have any tips, please know your knowledge will be appreciated and shared. Why do I want to DWC Top Feed...
  4. Yande

    Anyone into horology.. and no, not Astrology

    I got stung by this hobby/addiction some years back, when I finally arrived at a stage in my life where I could afford to buy "that nice watch." From then on, it's been a very slippery slope. For the record, not too keen on Rolex and all the baggage it carries, give me a nice Omega "tool watch"...