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  1. Powertech

    Rosin and life choices

    Just sitting here about to hit my second bowl of fresh pressed Alien Rock Candy out of my puffco and was thinking about life’s choices…….yes I made the right ones. Anybody else enjoying some nice rosin?
  2. Powertech

    What to do with extra clones all the time?

    I go by the ABC rule of growing, Always Be Cloning. I have let a few amazing strains go by me before, so never again. The problem now is, I end up with waaay too many clones. Yes, they could just get tossed, but what a waste. I will kill off any unhealthy looking but still have way too many...
  3. Powertech

    Will a carbon filter stop pollen?

    Title asks the question. Will a carbon filter on the inlet of my exhaust on a male flowering tent stop the pollen? Guess I am about to find out...
  4. Powertech

    Thought California was energy conscious?

    California only poses like they care about energy conservation. Legalize Cannabis but not outdoor so people use rediculous amounts of money growing indoor.....fuckers
  5. Powertech

    Preferred bud washing method

    So i will be washing my harvest in a couple days due to some spider mites later in flower. I did a test bud a week ago to see if this would be viable, and it came out great. My question is, what is your preferred method of bud washing? The three buckets/containers seems to be universal, but...
  6. Powertech

    Damn hermie

    Blue Fire, Humboldt Seed Company. Only found a few on the bottom where there is no light and it’s on newer growth after the first big trim. Took them off and will keep an eye on it. Find one more and I’m scrapping it as it is only one small plant
  7. Powertech

    Bug ID

    Anybody know what this is? No damage noticed, and had got predator packs awhile back, but figured they would be long gone, and nothing was this big
  8. Powertech

    Is there a downside to predatory mites?

    Just wondering if there is a downside to predatory mites, I cant seem to find one online anywhere. If there isn't, why doesn't everybody just get some predators to keep spider mites away?
  9. Powertech

    UVB LED for mite control?

    Anybody ever try UVB to control mites? Anybody ever try UVB pointed up from underneath?
  10. Powertech

    will emulsion separate?

    So, hypothetically, if i knew a friend that was attempting to make DMT, and he emulsified the crap out of the step with naphtha. Will it separate over time like an emulsion of oil and vinegar or did he waste a batch?
  11. Powertech

    glass lowering piece?

    So, I have been having a blast making solvent less, and my glass collection is building. Does anybody know of any glass pieces to lower the banger on a dab rig? Everything just raises it, and the "drop downs" are actually level. Help would be greatly appreciated. Picture to show what I am...
  12. Powertech

    skinny twisted new growth

    I had gnats awhile back, and I thought that is what caused the skinny twisted new growth. Some grew out of it and some did not. All but the center and the top right are Blue Champagne I took from the same mother. The bottom two are the worst. Any thoughts on how to get them healthy again? I...
  13. Powertech

    Powertech Grows

    I don’t think my flower tents will ever be totally empty again, so I thought it was time to start a thread for my continued growing moving forward. Quick little recap of my previous growing, as I will no longer be posting to those threads. It’s been a little less than a year since I started...
  14. Powertech

    CO2 recommendations

    So, I'm in need of some CO2 addition with how much light I have. Looking to get a controller with bottle/diffuser set up for around $600 if possible. It was just a number thrown out, not set in stone though. I have never looked at CO2 as I never thought I would be at that point, hell I didn't...
  15. Powertech

    Did i get a bit carried away?

    So, this time last year, I was only dreaming of growing my own medicine. I had never grown before, never even attempted to get any knowledge whatsoever. I started in June of last year, with just a 3x3 tent and an AGLEX2000 amazon light. Slowly adding things up, in a few weeks I will have 5...
  16. Powertech

    What’s my yield going to be?

    Any guesses? This is a whole new realm for me, so I have no clue. I’ll say a lb lol White Widow - seedsman feminized, day 35 from flip
  17. Powertech

    ? on trimming and plant nutrient storage

    I was wondering, if I did not trim anything as I went into flower or at week 3, would the extra foliage be used as nutrient reserves? Say I run low on N, the N would be used from the bottom first correct? So if there is a bunch of green leaves at the bottom to take N from, the upper leaves...
  18. Powertech


    Just wanted to say FedEx has to be the worst delivery service out of all the choices. UPS and USPS both mange to deliver their packages early, yet FedEx is 3 days late. I'll never use FedEx if I had the choice!
  19. Powertech

    Shipping to CA?

    Any spore places ship to CA? Sporeworks does not apparently?
  20. Powertech

    Purple hash water?

    Anybody ever make bubble hash and their water comes out purple? Seriously almost looks like REAL grape juice