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  1. Nizza

    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    Ok so my old tent zipper ripped so I just finished setting up this mars hydro tent with a sp3000. The tent is nice quality and very comparable to the thickness of a gorilla tent. Very pleased with it I would recommend they add small access ports for cords and pumps. I set up the sp3000 and it...
  2. Nizza

    Nizza's 20" x 20" vipar XS1000 grow journal

    So viparspectra has reached out and sent me a XS1000 unit to test out. I usually run plants in my 2x4 or 5x5 , but this light won't cover my 2x4 so I am going to use it for my first run in my little 20"x20" chamber, it should be fun! The light came in, it has a nice dimmer build onto the side of...
  3. Nizza

    Dropped 100$ in doge

    for fun , I put 100$ in dogecoin I've never invested in anything and wondering what anyone thought of this
  4. Nizza

    Nizza's Nuggets 2021

    Just dropped into cups of water ~ Peyote zkittles by Seedsman, bodega bubblegum by greenpoint, LVTK x Long bottom fighter by bad dawg, goofy grape x floozy tester by chuckers gear/genuity, Honey Sundae by chuckers/genuity, Citrus Milf by 3thirteen, runtz muffin by barneys farm, and funky cold...
  5. Nizza

    Looking for seeds for a friend..

    So a dude trying to get into growing asked me, what seeds do you recommend? I replied, it depends on what type of weed you like , man He is a dabber so he said he just wants the most potent shit he can get, the "strongest" He intends on extracting dabs out of the end product so I want to make...
  6. Nizza


    Gotta say, I have been holding it in since I heard he's gone.. my favorite rap artist of all time. Hope yall know who he was and his hip hop career. RIP DOOM; you are the best
  7. Nizza

    Breeding predatory mites?

    I am interested in an easy way to rear predatory mites for killing 2 spotted spider mites anyone got any good guides or info? Thanks!
  8. Nizza

    Greenleaf Megacrop + additives! How do you use yours?

    So I am running low on my GH trio 3-part and decided to give greenleaf nutrients line-up. I decided to buy the megacrop and some additives they sell. I went with---- Megacrop v3 9-6-17 bud explosion PK boost 0-33-37 Sea-K kelp extract 0-0-15 Sweet candy 0-17-28 "carboload+plant...
  9. Nizza

    Mars Hydro TS1000W vs HLG 135rspec Comparison Grow 2020

    Ok here we go, got the free light coming from mars and going to do a comparison grow to help people decide which lighting to go with. Constantly people are asking what light to get for LED. This will be a comparison in my 2x4 tent, split into two 2x2 parts with a foam board (separating the...
  10. Nizza

    Mars vs HLG side-by-side

    So I want to do a side-by-side of a 135w Rspec by HLG and a TS"1000w" (150w) lamp from mars hydro It would be in a 2x4 tent with a foam board seperating it into two 2x2 chambers. The medium would be Drain to waste coco coir, and there would be two identical clones being grown out under these...
  11. Nizza

    CBD clones via mail online?

    Anybody know a good strain and place to order a good CBD clone from through the mail is?? Looking more into this, somewhere that will ship a few clones at a time not 70+only lol I tried from seed and got herms that pollinated my last crop. I see some get them from local nurseries but I am from...
  12. Nizza

    Floraflex pump sizing? here's the heads I bought.. the pump I got for them is a 30w 550GPH with 7.2ft max lift. I chose the 1" tee type and installed 3 of these on a 1" pipe, with a flexible hose to connect the pump to the manifold system. The pump they use...
  13. Nizza

    Cord management 2020

    Lets see any tips and tricks on how to manage cables, create "power stations" How you manage all your electrical all the way down to where it goes.. This can be a great thread if people add in on ways to manage heat syncs, timers, controllers, cables all done professionally.. All with little...
  14. Nizza

    I need help setting up my first hydro system ... just-coir/ This is the coir I picked up. I couldnt find any info on this.. it was what we had locally. The other choice was coco loco. My plan is to wash and buffer the coco coir and add some perlite 10-20%. I plan on using the floraflex matrix rings...
  15. Nizza

    Bluelab soil and water pH pen

    Anyone have any experience with this product? I have the pH probe already but it only works with water. I am considering buying the soil pH pen but have seen a few negative reviews. I would like to get a good soil pH meter so I know exactly the pH of my medium I would have bought this instead...
  16. Nizza

    I ordered the wrong fixture

    So I ordered a 30-uva from HLG and got 240v on accident.. any way to re wire it for 120V?
  17. Nizza

    floraflex and autofeeding

    I have a setup that is hard to reach the back of, and I want to set up this floraflex round matrix system. I want to start with one bubbler head and 8 sites. I plan on getting the discs, with the pads, and the dippers,and tubing What I could figure out, but really would love some advice on is...
  18. Nizza

    Massachusetts 2020 outdoors seed selection

    I have done a little research as to what strains will be good for me in coastal MA. I want to be ready for next outdoor season. After some research the two most recommended were LSD and MOB. I am thinking about the MOB. Does anyone have any input on these strains, or any other strains good for...
  19. Nizza

    Can anyone tell how this guy extracted this?

    This is from a grower I buy super dank weed from. He said this was made from his trimmings I really like it.. it was from orange aid