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    Darkness before harvest

    Just about to harvest, and was wondering does anyone pull their outdoor plants inside and let them sit in the dark for 48+ hrs? ive heard this helps push out every bit of goodness from the inside. just curious if anyone else does it and if it is worth it? also starving the plant for those few...
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    Slight this anything to worry about?

    Outdoor grow. seeing slight discoloration on lower leaves...some dying and falling off...overall plants look nice and green tho...thoughts?
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    Help please. Week 7 outdoor grow.

    Got a late start looking burnt and pale with some browning...wondering if its heat stress as temps have been around 90°F and SUPER humid. Havent feed anything but water thus far...may need some nutes? Please help
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    Am i ready for harvest? 1st grow.

    I am contemplating harvesting my 1st crop. I feel like based on time and season (this is an outdoor) i shouldnt quite be there, however based on pistils, and what research ive done, i believe i may actually be ready to harvest earliar than expected. Just looking for a few opinions.
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    Leaves turning yellow week 2 of flower (outdoor)

    So this is my 1st ever grow. Literally found a nice looking seed in a batch of what i believe was Cherry Pie. Threw it in a large pot with leftover soil from the wifes spring planting. And let it go naturally. The only thing ive done is water during dry weeks and the wife hit it twice with some...