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    Sweet seeds S.A.D Regular vs. Fast Version

    Does anyone know the difference between Sweet Seeds S.A.D reg vs. there fast version? I'm going to run one this on my next run and was wondering if anyone had a preference.
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    Looking for high ceiling Indica stains.

    A couple of strains that have caught my eye are Sensi Star by Paradise Seeds and Pioneer by Greenpoint. I'm leaning toward the Greenpoint Pioneer because the breeder pack reads: Bubba Kush is a classical indica variety that is reported to have originated sometime prior to 1998. Hence her full...
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    Reusing Fox Farm's Ocean Forest Soil

    I know there are several threads on this subject I was just curious what exactly do most people put in there used soil to amend it? FFOF is around $22 a bag and I'm not spending $33 every 2 months to fill 3 – 5 gallon pots (I'm cheap). I was thinking about maybe 10 parts spent soil, 3 part...
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    I want to give a shout out to Dope-Seeds

    I'm shocked there is nearly no mention of Dope-Seeds on the internet, good or bad. This company has been good to me the 2 times I've ordered and will order again when I need more seeds. Excellent Selection, 34 seed banks Prices are very competitive especially when you consider all of the...
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    Has anyone ordered from All American Seed Co. ?

    They are the first seed Co. Listed on Fast Buds website that ships to the Us. The prices are super cheap and apparently shipping is a flat $5 to the US. This company seems to good to be true.
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    Timber Grow Light Vero29 V7 Kit Wiring Question

    I'm starting my first grow and I just received my 3 light 300 watt Timber Grow Light Vero29 V7 Kit that comes with Mean Well HLG-320H-C1400B driver. The instructions say the wires come color coordinated and to match the wire color to the colored dot on the COB. There is no dot on the COB. It...