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    Orange Crush from the early 2000’s?

    Is this strain still around? This was some of first weed I had back in 2000 and it was absolutely classic, tasted like the soda. California orange x blueberry I believe. I saw that canadianhempco has it and another site called holi moli but I’m not sure if these sites are legit.
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    Does the Northern Lights #5 from the 90’s still exist?

    I’ve read mixed reviews about Sensis and whether it’s still the same and there’s so many breeders offering it but the history is always so convoluted and vague and I’m not sure if there’s a certain clone of #5 like a clone only strain or if everyone has their own IBL or what. I guess there’s a...
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    Breeders carrying original clone parents vs inbred lines

    Are most regular seeds from breeders just successive generations of seed runs breeding within the same family? (That way they don’t have to keep the same parent clones going for years) This seems like the lazy way to do it and I’m assuming most breeders don’t actually keep mom and pop clones...
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    Hashy lemon vs herbal lemon flavor

    In 2009-2012 my buddy had this weed called “lemon kush”, buds were thin, elongated like a small green pepper, little to no orange hairs, delicate leaves comprising the bud itself absolutely coated in crystals, and very sticky unless they were dried out to a point where weed would normally...