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    How can I add liquidkool bloom and floralicious plus to nutrients without giving nutrient burn?

    Hello all I am using flora trio as my base nutrients with some cal mag, hydroguard and cannazyme in a 2 plant(skywalker OG femenized photos) 17 gal DWC reservoir. This is my first ever grow and I’m growing in a 4x4 tent using 2 HLG 260W XL with a uva 30 bar in the middle of them. Reservoir temps...
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    Leave dying from middle out?

    Hello I seem to be having some issues. I am running a hydro DWC setup with drops trio nutes plus Cali magic hydroguard and hygrozyme. The leaves seem to be dying from the inside out and the tips appear burnt as well. Planning on switching to flower here in the next day or so. The past week this...
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    HLG 260w XL power setting and height from top of plants?

    Hello everyone i have been vegging my plants with 1 HLG 260w XL which they say is enough for veg but not for flower. So I purchased a second one if you know the 260 xl is the same as the 260 except for there is a full section in the middle where you could add a 3rd board if you wanted to. I...
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    PPM Dropping from 900 to 400 over night

    Hello all I am running a 17 gal DWC reservoir, using about 9gal of water nute mix, I am using GH flora nutes with hydroguard, calimagic, and hygrozyme. I used the hygrozyme to help keep the dead roots decaying in the reservoir. (I’ve had issues with root rot, I recently put an air conditioner in...