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    DLI for autos.

    I am wondering what you guys know about DLI for autos. I’ve grown autos in 24/0, 20/0, 18/6, and now I’ve got two in a 12/12 set up Various strains with various results. A few Years ago when I tried autos I found lots of people say 18/6 or more light. Is needed for autos or you will...
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    3x4 grow tent or cut up a dual chamber?

    I’m looking at moving my one grow tent to the same room at my veg tent. To make the best use of my space a 3x4 would be ideal. But I can only seem to find that size in a dual chamber tent. Anyone have a dual chamber. How would it be to cut out the divider wall? Are they’re any company’s...
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    Some flowering tent progress

    Here is how my flowering tent is looking. The one further along is a Jack Herer in a 3 gal hempy. Mid week 7. The two in the 3 gal smart pots with fox farm soil Are magnum autos from Budda seeds. They are 7 weeks from seed. Chucked them into the 12/12 tent at 2 weeks. I’ve always wondered...
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    Pistols like this?

    I have a Maui wowe that’s 8-9weeks in veg. It’s been mainlined and lollipoped. It’s supposed to be a Fem seed. I dont see any male signs. I see pistols but never really seen them Like this. Small and kinda flat looking. What do you think?
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    Green algae in hempy bucket?

    I have a plant that I have been stalling with for a bit. Waiting for room in the flower tent. This is a perlite hempy about 1.5gal This is my first time growing in a red plastic Folgers can. Usually I have them in a 3 or 5 gal black bucket. Did this to keep the plant smaller. The red plastic...
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    Jack Herer starting to flower.

    Well to be honest I just felt like posting a picture. Jack Herer 3gal perlite hempy 7ish weeks veg Now on day 12 of 12/12 Trying Lucas formula with some extras this go around. the one in the coffee can is Maui wowe in a perlite hempy. then a bean plant and some magnum autos In dirt.
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    Led for close canopy operation

    I’m looking to build a lettuce grow rack. I’m looking for a alternative to going with T5 HO lights. I want to do a 3 or 4 level rack. So lights will be close like 6”. What’s out their.
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    How much T5 HO?

    So as much as I love growing our special plants. Even with a 4 plant limit. I grow more then I need and give away. I’ve taken up growing veggies and whatever else. I am wanting to get set up for a perpetual lettuce grow. Being that they thrive at temps under 70F and get bitter and got to seed...
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    Noticeable difference in flower with 2700K or 1750k?

    So now that my one tent will just be a flower tent. I was thinking of changing some of the COB colors. I have a mix of 4x Vero29s in 3500k 8x citizen 1212s in 3000k and 3500k Do guys think I will notice a difference if I maybe swapped a few citizens to 2700k and maybe a Vero29 in 1750K? while...
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    Clones in Rockwool?

    I decided to take a try and cloning. Something I have always wanted to try but didn’t have the space to do so. Anyway my question is in regards to stuffing the cutting into rockwool. the cubes have that existing hole in them. But my cutting are a little smaller then the hole and flop around. I...
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    Breaking down the cola.

    So me and a good friend are grow buddies. We keep thing mildly competitive. Well we do it in most things we do (hunting,fishing,farming...) we always trade OZ of what ever we grow. Lately we have been having the “who grows bigger buds” debate. He hands me some buds claiming they are way...
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    Trimming day!!!!

    Well I will admit. I don’t like to trim. But today was that’s day. After 12 days hanging they are pretty close to dry. Still have a little moisture to loose Over the next week or so. The test joints were nice. Green crack is sitting at 7.2OZ but I suspect it will finish cureing around 6-6.5oz...
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    My COBs got some FlowerPower today!!!

    Today I added a 24” SolarCure Flower power bulb to my Cob setup. I got this light with just enough time to put it in for the last 2weeks of a flower I had going. definitely noticed a increase in frost from last time I grew them. But definitely need to use it full flower cycle to give it a fare...
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    Lighting up a small veg tent.

    well I have decided to set up a small veg tent. I have a trash can set up that I built for shits-N-giggles. It works very well. But by design it’s a pain in the ass for me. Lol. I like to tinker and try different things. So over the years of changing and playing with my grow rooms. I have a...
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    Mixing and manipulating NPK #s?

    In the quest to learn more about the growing I’m doing. im trying to understand the NPK ratio a bit better. Research shows the general consensus on NPK ratios for cannabis in Veg are 3-1-2 and for flower are 1-2-3. I’ve been playing around calculating/adding NPK numbers together in their...
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    Getting my lights dialed in!!!

    Well to start off. I have a stupid amount of lights in my little 3x3. I have 550 watts of Vero29s and 480watts of citizen 1212. obviously running these lights cranked up will cook plants. I found that out pretty fast. lol so I would Dim the lights down and kinda just watched the plants...
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    How much UVB to give.

    I am looking at adding a UBV light to my grow. I’ve done some research and am pretty convinced it should increase THC production. One thing I could not find a consistent answer on is how much UVB to give and how many hrs on and off. I am thinking of going with solarcure’s 2ft flower power...
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    Using Day/Night tempature difference to control stretch?

    I have done some reading about day/night temp difference. Generally speaking. The higher the differential the more stretch and node spacing. The closer the differential the less stretch and tighter nodes. I came across some instances where they had a night temp equal to or greater than...
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    Potting up a Hempy, what do you use?

    So i do most my growing in 3g and 5g Hempys. i use Hydroton from the drain hole down and 100% Perlite up top. i have a small veg space that wont accommodate the 3 or 5 gal buckets. i have used solo cups to veg in but my growth dies right off at 2 weeks as the roots got no more room. i would like...
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    Proper VPD chart.

    Hi guys. I have been focusing on The VPD in my tent. Trying to stay in that sweet spot at all times. I am running COBs in my tent so I have my temps at 82-84F. I have leaf temps of 77-79F on the plants. My RH is 64-68%. I am still in Veg. I have found many charts online showing where I...