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    Building a cooling system

    Cobbling together some basic bits and bobs together. And coupled to a 2000 lph pump This little unit has taken temperature from 25+ to 18c overnight. So much so have turned fan down to it's middle setting With an insulated tank only having a 1.5 degree day/ night temperature difference. 24...
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    Zimbabwe is fully funded

    That bit of plastic means Quantum will soon start a scaled production of cannabis for export. How do I mean scaled. Orders from the cultivation trial will be used to give an idea of initial operation size. We cultivate and sell out. By means of future harvest purchase. Once an area is sold...
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    Landrace seeds when would they go into flower

    This is confusing a friend over here in Zimbabwe took me to see some original landrace growing in hydro. Ok cool so far But there only getting 12.5 hours of light and still vegging. Do that with our hybrids your just going to get a little plant or probably ok with an autoflower. So what's...
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    Zimbabwean weed

    Zimbabwean weed Or what we used to call African bush As I am out here for 3 months had to find a supply My hostess took me to see her gardener He came back with this. A whole load different from hydro has a pretty good couchlok effect. And @ 1.5 bucks a wrap Probably 8 joints am not complaining.
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    See this lady she is a legend

    So what did Zoey do to deserve this title She fought and got cannabis legalised in Zimbabwe What I am doing now has been made entirely possible by this lady. This I will say if any medal is deserved Zoey should get one. Tiny but mighty. SHE IS CANNABIS!!
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    World's first cannabis cultivation trial

    Companies are assembled and ready Three systems have been chosen Bato (Dutch) buckets. Guppieponics Quantum hydroponics Each system has the same area. Plant numbers may vary due to plant spacings Bato and Quantum will be using Growth technology Ionic series Guppieponics uses fish pooh. Seeds...
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    Dutch bucket E.C

    Have never used them can someone give me some recommendations on E.C levels Thank you The Hat
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    Bud porn show us yours

    Thought I would brighten the start of the week with a bit of bud porn Come in an get sticky fingers Show us yours
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    Not guilty my lord

    Thursday up in front of the beak for cannabis Production. Not fucking guilty And I can prove it. CPS have made a fuck up. I have cultivated my own medicine since 1983 because I need it I AM CANNABIS and an inventor I will walk on this charge CPS will pay my costs. This is my invention for the...
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    What way does your P.H. move

    PH tends to fluctuate Which way does yours move and by how many points daily
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    Street weed

    Just recently have had to resort to buying off the street. WTF has happened to UK weed Apart from most of it is rubbish. What's this rock hard nuggets all about More like conkers that grind into dust WTF are thes growers using PGRS?
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    How many times do you defoliate?

    Going through a grow my defoliation routine starts in veg and goes on all the way through flowering as well. With probably 12/14 defoliating sessions in total Will say it's not a case of wanting to, more having too. With leaf layered 3/4/5 deep in places after each weeks respite. How about you?
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    Defoliation the first few leafs

    Day 21 Time has come to defoliate With a plant looking more like a cabbage have removed first 4 leaves from each plant allowing side arms to come through Before and after pics
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    Leaf blade count

    My plants second set of leaves have 5 blades Do you think there happy
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    Static as an elicitor in hydroponics what does it do.

    Static increases parameters of E.C. and P.H. exponentially so much so the P.H. meter went in the bin years ago. Even E.C. is not critical. With a growing plant these numbers can rise 24/26/28 and still not burn the roots. Yes I know it sounds a little hard to swallow as most have blinkered...
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    LED an Abiotic stress elicitor or not

    Hi all Have come to the decision light has to be looked at a different way broken down to its seperate parts it's not light anymore but. Electromagnetic energy waves. Putting a light source over our plants we are feeding them with particles from those different wave lengths. Does LED feed our...
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    Flowering stretch phase with LED

    Under HPS I go into flower with photoperiod seeds @ 18 inches end up with plants finishing a bit over 5 foot generally What's the stretch phase like with LED? Happy growing
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    Quantum board your thoughts please

    Just got this Quantum board 308 chips Samsung LM561c s6 They say 3 foot by 3 foot for veg 2x2 flower. What are your thoughts
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    The Hat is back

    Hi all Back to start again. This time using a system I designed and developed then shelved in 2007 awaiting more legal times. It will be relaunched as a 6 plant unit to keep in with US regulations. NTT is the technique. Light is a Quantum board. Seeds from Sensi seeds. There Sensi Skunk 55 day...
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    The Hat's back

    Bit of a beast got busted for the second time in 4 months. Nabbed my lights and left the rest though slashed the blinds I use to keep the light in but left the system remaining. Good thing they didn't find my medicine and with some quick seeds 55 days should have enough to see me through. See...