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  1. RetiredToker76

    New Camera, hot MILF pix!

    So it's Marijuana I Love to Foto. ;) Got a microscope camera and thought I'd check out my trichs. About two weeks to harvest.
  2. RetiredToker76

    Dark "bars" on the leaves, crawling inwards.

    Thoughts on this leaf issue? Light: HLG 320w 3-board QB-288 rspec @ 18-20" Ventilation: 440cfm exhaust on the QB heatsink Temp: 78° - 82°F Rh: 60 - 65% Soil: Ocean Forest 5-gallon smart pots Nutrients: Green Planet Medi-One base, with Liquid W8, massive and finisher. Additions: Mycos and Asoz...
  3. RetiredToker76

    Indica Dabs vs. Coffee

    Wake and bake? More like sit and twitch! I'm stuck but my legs won't quit shaking. Damn NL dabs.
  4. RetiredToker76

    Oooops! Be VERY careful with pressure vessles kids.

    :wall: Making a nice little batch of essential oils this evening, normally I go over to a buddies place who has a high quality vacuum oven for the final extraction. I was feeling punchy and impatient so I broke out the foodsaver and the 9X9 container that came with it. I haven't used that...
  5. RetiredToker76

    Partners Who Don't Partake

    I took a look at all my friends who toke and those that are in a relationship are in one where their partner smokes either as much or at least 'with' them. I on the other hand married a goody two shoes before I came out of weed retirement 3 years ago. When I started smoking weed for the first...
  6. RetiredToker76

    When Glass Breaks.....

    We all know that while the flavor and quality of a hit from a good glass piece is always preferable to just about any other method, we also know they have the fatal flaw of being fragile, and even worse glass fragile around stoners who's librium has lost it's equal. However I have been told on...
  7. RetiredToker76

    Just recieved a new piece.

    Just felt like sharing, she's sexy and seriously powerful. I wish I could pass her around the board. First perc pipe I've owned.
  8. RetiredToker76

    Could Florida Be The Next Medical State? Feared what it would be like under a 'run government like a company' governor thought. :wall:
  9. RetiredToker76

    Itty bitty drying

    Ok so I was over at a friends place today and he was chopping his plants. Out of boredom I decided to help him trim. After about 3 hours I was done and had to get to work anyway. As payment, which I didn't ask for because he always shares even when I bring my own, he insisted I take a branch...
  10. RetiredToker76

    The effects to the common man.

    I'm a 'common' man.... I can't get free health care because I make too much. I can't afford to live without credit because everything costs so much. I have an average house, in an average neighborhood and drive an average car. I went to and completed college in order to provide for myself and...
  11. RetiredToker76

    Helping a friend out.

    Hey everyone, This is a video done by a friend of mine. He's a great kid and a damned genius. He really wants to go to an ivy league school and he has the grades and 'life history' to do it, but not the money. So if you wouldn't mind checking out is vid and dropping a vote I'd appreciate...
  12. RetiredToker76

    Decrimininalization bill --- again

    Barny Frank is aparently going for try #3, let's see what happens. -RT76
  13. RetiredToker76

    Tired of trimming damaged leaves

    Setup: Strains: AK47, Belladonna, Northern Light Plant age: 4 weeks since Germination Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Container: 3" square pots Water: Distilled Water with Canna Rizotonic and Super Thrive since Germ Nutes: Canna Bio-Vega at 1/4 strength started 6/29 Light: 6 - 2 foot T5 bulbs...
  14. RetiredToker76

    The First Grow

    The strains are as follows. Serious Seeds: AK-47 Paradise Seeds: Belladonna Nirvana: Northern Light The grow room right before completion The morning after they were put in soil. From Left to Right: Ak47, Belladonna, Northern Lights Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Light: Sun System T5...
  15. RetiredToker76

    Grow Room Beginnings

    I've been working all day and finally have something resembling the beginning of a grow room... This is the upper half of the closet. Left-Top is veg/clone, Left Bottom is Drying room, right side is flower room. The all important odor control/ventilation Close up of the Veg and dry areas...
  16. RetiredToker76

    I was thinking...

    You know how we buy these cross strain seeds that produce the effects of both strains to some degree and come up with kick ass hybrids... That got me thinking what if we cross bred a really super potent strain with something like an apple tree and caused the apples to create THC ... How...
  17. RetiredToker76

    WTF is wrong with me...

    So my parental units are coming into town this week and I just got done cleaning the house top to bottom. The damn place looks like I'm trying to sell it. I hid something like 15 grow books (a few MJ mags as well) hid my stash and am about to take the last hits off the vape until she leaves...
  18. RetiredToker76

    420 Present

    So I went to a new head shop today that is MUCH closer to my house than the one I've been going to. After cruising 9 shops I couldn't find the mini-vape I wanted and was about to cry that I was going to have to order it online and not try something new on 4-20. This shop not only had it, but...
  19. RetiredToker76

    Need some help

    Hey everyone, I have a young friend who's just entering the dating scene. Slight problem, he could give Einstein a run for his money but unfortunately he has practically no social skills, spent his entire 17 years of his life in books and not in the real world. He's been, rather...
  20. RetiredToker76

    Crazy Soccer

    Aj7f3B1VCYM -RT76