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  1. Chemically altered

    Weird seedling

    Any body ever seen sprout like this? And if so what’s the deal with it?
  2. Chemically altered

    Shroomin tonight!!

    have been on a good ride for awhile. Gonna take for grams on golden teacher tonight. Anybody gonna shroom?
  3. Chemically altered

    Shrooms substrate

    just curious when growing shrooms I notice the substrate is usually coco coir or vermiculite or both. Would you be able to use pro mix hp for a substrate? How any one done it? And if you can’t why not?
  4. Chemically altered

    Price of shroons

    anybody know what the going price for a eight or oz of shrooms are in Oregon? Or any where for that matter.
  5. Chemically altered

    Flower time

    got plants in flower for 12 weeks now and still don’t seem done. Pulled another plant few weeks ago and barely gets you high. Wondering where em I going wrong?
  6. Chemically altered

    Cbd and seizures.

    my daughter has seizures and none of the pharmaceutical medicines have worked. I’ve herd many things about CBD, but how do I know how much to give her? Which type is the best for children?