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  1. the_small_axe

    Do cats eat plants

    There is a cat at my place and have to keep the door open for fresh air. I just framed in some wood and stapled screen to it and put it in front of my door when its open. Works great.
  2. the_small_axe

    Plants not growing vertically

    A little bit longer veg time and cleaning up the bottom of the plants by taking off some of the bigger fan leaves will help with putting energy into the top. Good looking plants though non the less!
  3. the_small_axe

    The French Cannoli` Hash Thread

    Throw back shot of some pressed full melt I did some time back, I want to say its of some Jack Skellington from TGA. All the credit goes to Frenchy Cannoli and Matt Rize for putting up videos of their techniques, otherwise I wouldn't being pressing fire like that today.
  4. the_small_axe

    What kind of bug is this?

    aphids from what they look like and if that's the case you should get on clearing those things out.
  5. the_small_axe

    Ethos Collective

    So my only guess at this time is either the glue is unstable or got a bad roll of the dice on the citral glue seeds.
  6. the_small_axe

    Ethos Collective

    Right on man, thanks a ton. The only reason I was asking was cuz Ive been growing out some for a friend and everything that he got has been good but the Citral Glue has hermed out like a bitch and my environment is pretty damn nice. Also I seen the seeds they sold him and they were pretty weak...
  7. the_small_axe

    Ethos Collective

    I know what their about really. I just want to know if anybody has personally grown them out at all and if there was any problems. I mean anybody can post some pics of good medicine and call themselves a professional breeder these days.
  8. the_small_axe

    Ethos Collective

    Has anybody here at roll it up grown out seeds from Ethos Collective out of Colorado? Just wanting to get some feedback from anybody but their company about their strains. Peace and much love to all!
  9. the_small_axe

    i grew a toy! plse advice.

  10. the_small_axe

    Best blueberry strain?

    I should also note that all my blueberries I have grown from Dutch passion don't really get any purple or blue hues but as miketaco said the smell is always on point. I did however make a Chernobyl/Blueberry cross and some phenos my buddy grew of that got some blue in it.
  11. the_small_axe

    Best blueberry strain?

    I pulled a stud Blueberry dad out of a ten pack of Dutch Passion Blueberry seeds my homie brought back from Amsterdam. That stud made quite a few good strains for me as well as some more blueberry seeds, the females I got were nice too.
  12. the_small_axe

    Craziest places you have found weed...

    ^^^^^^ hahahahahaha. Holy shit.
  13. the_small_axe

    Feminized seeds and Hermie plants.

    For two older growers you both act like a couple of whinny children.
  14. the_small_axe

    Feminized seeds and Hermie plants.

    Really you want to get rid of a male asap unless you want it in their for a breeding project, but typically in my experiences working with genetics a healthy male will start throwing pollen around day 14.
  15. the_small_axe

    Organic Growing: An Introductory Guide

    I praise you rasta roy for putting this up cuz it is definitely doable. Knowledge is power.
  16. the_small_axe

    Sugar water and honey feed

    This was some supreme comedy for a moment.
  17. the_small_axe

    Open Show & Tell, Organics ??

    Its a tad blurry, but day 28 all organic grow. What's really ridiculous is that these plants are bigger then me (given I'm pretty short still) but these are only in 5 gallon smart pots. An unexpected jungle happened on my buddy and I, haha.
  18. the_small_axe

    Bubble bag suggestions

    No problem
  19. the_small_axe

    Feminized seeds and Hermie plants.

    I witnessed somebodys whole crop from a very stable cut out in Cali Herm out due to a bad light leak. I will however agree with Who that no professional breeder will use the stress method for fem seeds and that one little slip of the timer shouldn't make a crop go crazy. The crop that hermed out...
  20. the_small_axe

    Bubble bag suggestions

    Also meant to tell you if you are not already following Frenchy Cannoli's hash thread then you should. That man can teach you a lot along with some of the others in the thread that discuss different techniques. The French Cannoli hash thread is what it is called.