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  1. MustGro

    Messed up leaves or ‘nanners

    Saw these on the buds of my Blue Cheese. They sort of looked like a little leaf that was turned upside-down, but they aren’t. Pretty sure it’s bad news, just want some opinions before I do anything drastic. So in week 5, I found about 6 of these, each one was on top of a bud too. It’s right in...
  2. MustGro

    Do You Suffer From Cannabis Addiction

    Hello, my name is @MustGro …… and I have a cannabis addiction. You’re all supposed to say,” Hi @MustGro ”. At least that’s the way I heard it goes at those meetings. Me personally I’d never get within 100 feet of one of those meeting, scared of the cure… Now I can quit smoking it, and I take 2...
  3. MustGro

    Gen Hydro Aeroflo

    Anyone know where I could find an Aeroflo? I'm looking for one that uses the "panda" reservoir so that means an Aeroflo 36, 60, or the 60 with extension.
  4. MustGro

    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    We're getting close to the flip where I live in Eastern Canada. I've got 4 plants in homemade containers. They're 4 feet in diameter, 2 feet high and made from hardware cloth, and I wrapped burlap around them to keep the sun from heating them up too much. I've got some fence posts and 4 foot...
  5. MustGro

    Need Help On Digikey Site

    So I'm ordering a couple of Meanwell drivers from DigiKey in Canada. Here's the drivers And the DigiKey site The Meanwells will need a power cord and do you think I can find them? I'm...
  6. MustGro

    Limiting the voltage on meanwell drivers

    Does anyone go in and adjust the voltage on their Meanwell drivers? I first read about it on the Grow Lights Australia site and didn't think much about it. I went into my room last month and there was a new smell there. I've had electrical equipment, HPS and CFL lights go bad and there is a...
  7. MustGro

    Bright Agrotech Nutrient Deficiency Chart

    I found this chart for chlorotic (yellowing) leaves and thought it might be helpful. It's for aquaponics but I think it'll be good.
  8. MustGro

    Lower Leaf Drop Day 9 of Flower In Hydro

    So yesterday I noticed some lowers were yellowing and found a few on the floor in the morning. Plants are pretty healthy but I had a lot of leaf drop last run and it started out nice too, but finished poor, and I'm hoping to not repeat that. I'm no expert grower but I'm no beginner either...
  9. MustGro

    Punched Angle Hanging Brackets

    Well I did a search for hanging brackets and got 10 pages of hits but none of them looked like mine so here we go. My friend grows in tents and he was showing me his new 8 by 8. I couldn't help but notice all the great places he has to hang things from. I grow in a room in my basement and close...
  10. MustGro

    Chiller Question

    I need a way of cooling off my reservoir. It's about 40 gallons. Looked at a few threads on here about chillers. I really liked all the DIY solutions from folks like @Serpentz in this thread Also liked...
  11. MustGro

    Canuk CBG

    I was reading through a Canuk seed catalog and noticed that their CBG variety is listed as having a strong anti-carcinogenic component. It's the first time I've ever seen that in print, but I'm probably behind the times. I had heard that terpenoids were being studied for their anti-cancer...
  12. MustGro

    What do you do with your stalks?

    I like to use as much of the plant as I can so I was looking for a way to get the last bit of good from my stalks. You folks know that after you break all the bud off it there always looks like there are some trichomes of some type stuck to it that you can't get off. I started saving them in...
  13. MustGro

    Huge LED diode

    I was at my friends place looking at his grow and he says," look at the light I got from work. They were throwing it out". Now it's an outside light, made for a big place like a parking lot. The first pic is the base with the led. Next is the driver that failed. The third one is my thumb next...
  14. MustGro

    Danby 15000 BTU Air Conditioner

    Looking to cool my grow. Running an older 5000 BTU unit currently and it's not making it cool enough. Thinking of this unit Anyone have an opinion? It looks like the biggest unit for the best price...
  15. MustGro

    Electrical Upgrade, Pony Panel or Load Center

    So I posted a few pics and a description of my new upgrade in this thread I got a few questions so I thought I'd put it up here for all to see. I've been at the limit of my electrical capacity for a long time now. I grow hydro so there are pumps and heat...
  16. MustGro

    Burnt LED Diodes

    Anyone have any problems with burnt diodes on their LED boards? I've got 7 of the 3000K ones gone on my fusion board. It's not old; bought it last spring. It sat unused in my spare room for the last 2 months. I used it for a veg light at 150 watts. I put it up in my grow this week for some side...
  17. MustGro

    Canadian Weed Forum

    Hi Folks; I'm new here It's been a few months of the site being like that and I'm looking for my internet grow forum fix. Quite a site you have here; just tons of great info. I'm feeling like a pretty small fish in this big sea....