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  1. AlaskaHashMan

    First Time BHO

    I have a glass extraction tube, seems smaller in length then most others on the youtube video's . I'm curious to how tight to pack it for best efficiency and if I should use dry trim/buds or fresh/frozen.
  2. AlaskaHashMan

    Seattle tourist looking for extracts

    Fellow members if anyone can direct me to some fullmelt here in Seattle. I have tried to make it and haven't gotten to full melt. It's almost like a myth to me at this point. If anyone is willing to help Thanks.
  3. AlaskaHashMan

    Seattle tourist in need

    Hello all. I'm out of Alaska for the weekend and I really want to enjoy Seattles best. However without a card no dispensery for me. I have never had full melt. That is my mission. Please help if you are willing.
  4. AlaskaHashMan

    Death appears imminent

    I am new to hydroponics, to be honest not sure what it's called. I have a 600w light over 9 plants. Plants are in 6in pots I think sitting in a 3'x4' tray with a drain hole sitting on top of a black 50 gal. Or so res. I have an air stone in the res and a pump on a timer the runs water from...
  5. AlaskaHashMan

    1 week in to flowering one plant drooping bad

    Hey experts and advice sharing folks. I have been working my first hydroponic grow for awhile now. For reasons not that important these girls have been at my place for about 2 weeks too long. I was trying to wait to repot them until I move them. I topped them a week ago and I have only given...
  6. AlaskaHashMan

    Drip sprayer system, I think. Water schedule?

    Okay I'm duplicating a system of a friend and I'm having all these issues. I'm doing a variation of that one. First off I had an algae problem because of standing water in the top tray caused by drain not seated. So I think that is my ph issue. Solving that with ph down tomorrow. The medium...
  7. AlaskaHashMan

    Soil, leaves curling up at the edges

    Is the issue of leaves curling at the edges related to ph? I'm in a good soil blend and have feeding them every few days. I was told to hit them with plain water every other feeding, and to drop the ph by dropping in some lemon juice to my gallon jug. No lemons on hand just the plastic lemon...
  8. AlaskaHashMan

    Plant maitnence

    Hey there, I have four very happy plants that were cloned from a buddy and have been growing very actively for about a month under one 600 watt switchable ballast. They are doing well but I wonder what type of pruning and trimming is best as they veg. I have read before that my light will only...