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  1. Hollatchaboy

    I need help with identification

    Hey guys, I need a little help with identification. Does anybody recognize these? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hollatchaboy

    Scale insects

    What's the best method of getting rid of these?
  3. Hollatchaboy

    Unidentified critter. I'm hoping it's just soil mites!

    Hey all! I got critters.... judging by the amount crawling just in the outside of the pot, I'd guess there's hundred thousand if not more! Please tell me it's just predator mites.... these are the only photos I have until lights on later today and then I'll scope them.
  4. Hollatchaboy

    Leaves turning sideways

    Hey guys, what causes leaves to turn sideways?
  5. Hollatchaboy

    Red wigglers

    What's up guys? I was wondering if anybody knows a good source for red wigglers? Are the Amazon ones any good?
  6. Hollatchaboy

    I need help identifying this bug.

    Anybody know what this is?
  7. Hollatchaboy

    Wtf is this? Powdery mildew?

    Hey guys, I still can't figure out what this shit is? I don't believe it's mildew because my veg tents rh is low to mid 50s and I have really good air movement and exhaust. I don't see any bugs, but I can't figure out what else it is.
  8. Hollatchaboy

    I need help identifying what's on this leaf.

    Hey guys, has anybody seen this before? I've never seen it until now. I've looked and I don't see anything moving around on top of under the leaves.
  9. Hollatchaboy

    Powdery mildew?

    Hey y'all, I'm out of town but I got a buddy watering my plants. He just noticed this..... powdery mildew?
  10. Hollatchaboy

    Slimy bacteria in water holding tote

    Hey all, quick question. I have a 20 gallon, black tote that I use to keep r.o. water in. I have a couple airstones in it for aeration. The problem is I keep getting slimy bacteria in it. I know for hydro its bad, but is it bad for watering plants in living soil? I can't seem to find much info...
  11. Hollatchaboy

    Build a bloom experience?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with build a bloom? When do you use it? Right at flip?
  12. Hollatchaboy

    Dishwashing liquid and neem oil

    Is there a chance dawn and neem oil will hurt my plant if used for fungus gnats? I'm hesitant because I've read a couple horror stories about using it. I was wondering if anybody had anymore insight?
  13. Hollatchaboy

    Remote mounting drivers

    Hey guys, any suggestions on where a good place to remote mount led drivers outside of my tent. I know they get hot, and I'm drawing a blank on where I should mount and what should I mount them to? I'm thinking wood isn't a good idea?
  14. Hollatchaboy

    Humidifier capacity

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can get a small, somewhat cheap(price wise) humidifier with a connector for a remote reservoir? The one I have now has a tendency to run out during lights out, and after I refill, I have to turn the screen back on to start it up, Plus I'm lazy and tired of...
  15. Hollatchaboy

    First attempt at organic

    So it's almost two weeks in from my first top dress. I need opinions just on leaf color, condition. Also what is causing the red streaks in stems? They start out green (some stay green), then start streaking. Is it deficiency? Id say strain, but I have 3 different ones growing and they all have...
  16. Hollatchaboy

    Does mulch help hold in the smell?

    Hey guys. My top dressing is stinking up my grow room something fierce. Is there anyway, without an exhaust fan, to keep the smell down? Does mulch help hold the smell in at all?
  17. Hollatchaboy

    Led light stress?

    Hey guys, Has anybody seen this deformity before? The only thing I can think of is light stress, or heat stress. Temp is only 81f though. I appreciate any help.
  18. Hollatchaboy

    Temperature question

    Quick question guys In my veg tent, lights out, my canopy temp is 77f. My tent floor temp is 72f. Should I raise temps to get it a lil warmer, so that it warms up the floor, but also raising canopy temp, or is the canopy temp too high for additional heat? I dunno if I explained this clearly...
  19. Hollatchaboy

    Mulders chart question

    Hey guys, so... I'm not quite sure I'm understanding the chart right. If Mg is low then that causes P to be low as well?
  20. Hollatchaboy

    1.1 ec tap water. It's it bad?

    Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but bear with me, my water straight from tap has an ec of 1.1, 530 ppm on the 5 scale. Is that bad for watering soil with? Any help is greatly appreciated.