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    Growing in coco question

    May give a shot on trying a grow in coco. Only doing 2-4 plants in a 3x3 tent. wondering if I do fabric pots should I do it in 3 or 5 gln pots. And how many 3 or 5 gln pot will one brick fill. Will be adding perlite.This way it gives me an idea how many to order. Am familiar a little with coco...
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    Anyone wanna go trick or treating

    I need a partner to dress as a lighter and I will dress like this
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    For your enjoyment

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    24/0 versus 18/6

    I have always done 18/6 with good results but a seed shop in Holland tells my brother higher thc- higher yield and faster grow if done 24/0. anyone here ever done a comparison. I may try on next run, but from what I have read gives zero time to recover if have any problems.
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    Tomatoe question

    First time growing tomatoes. All the first tomatoes were fine and now all the tomatoes are doing this and or looks like their splitting. Don’t have picture of those. Not sure if from heat or bugs but also did see a bug that appeared to look like a small stink bug or something. Haven’t seen bugs...
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    Switching from soil to dwc question

    Will something like this set up work ok. since I only do 1-2 plants at a time and a first time user to see if I can make the switch from soil to dwc and see if yields are really bigger and can actually get the hang of it. Then maybe upgrade after I see I can do it with out to much invested...
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    New strain finally came in

    Hope this gets a laugh for the day
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    Complaint of the day

    I sure wish when people posted their pictures they would take the time and click full image. Damn thumb nail is a pain in the ars. Maybe it’s just me
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    Perlite vs vermiculite

    Anyone have any input on which they prefer to mix with their soil and why. I have always just used vermiculite. Old time grower once told me it’s better than perlite but don’t know why. Only perlite locally is by miracle grow and contains slow release nutrients which I don’t prefer.
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    Is this calyxes swelling

    Just wanting to confirm this is what they consider the calyxes swelling.
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    Can we post a bro science thread

    How about everyone list all the bro science theory’s here so we can get that out of the way
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    Curious if anyone sells pollen

    Just curious.I see their are seed banks but what about any pollen banks. Would be nice to pollinate a few girls I have
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    Day 60 space cookies auto by rocket seed

    So breeder says 8-10 weeks- we all now how this goes. I think I have about 4 weeks left just looking to see what u guys say on time. I will say tried looking through a jewelers eye glass and guys my eyes are to bad. Still all look clear to me lol. Will post pictures in a week to check again...
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    Brothers first grow in Belgium gonna get 10lbs plus

    This is his first grow. Gorilla glue and wedding cake auto. Recones he should get 10lbs - whatcha think
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    Cameras in grow room

    Anyone else run a camera in their grow room to keep an eye on things
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    Question of the day

    How many growers here like rubbing their buds a little and smelling them for a while with a big smile and having your buddies smell your fingers like you were 13 and finally got your hand down your girlfriends pants for the first time. Lol
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    Anyone ever grow in wick system buckets

    Here are a few pictures of brothers plants we done in wick buckets. Curious to see if anyone else does
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    Your opinion on the best and easiest nutrients

    I’m sure this has been done over and over before but am new to this site and just looking at everyone’s opinions on what they think is the best nutrients and the simplest to use for soil for veg and flower.I have looked at so many and some look easy to use while others seem you to need to have a...
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    Burple and white led

    Anyone ever run both burple led and white led at the same time. Only asking due to switched from burple to white and now made grow room need to add 2-4 more lights. Wondering if I can add the two burple ones I used before in conjunction with the two until the new ones come in
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    Autoflower second grow

    This is just my second cookies and wedding cake.Using coast of main organic soil, five gln fiber pots, 2- Mars hydro 1000 light at 15in away in a 5x5 closet. Day 51 use fox farm trio cut to 1/3 and cal mag. Any advise on getting buds bigger. Afraid to strip leaves. Looking for any...