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  1. drsaltzman

    Outdoor flowers kinda weird looking.Any ideas?

    There are no visible seeds. The purple hairs are new leaf growth. There are not very many calyxes or pistils, you’re right. It’s kind of late for that to finish outside depending where you are.
  2. drsaltzman

    My buds are frazzling up!

    Something’s not right and it’s not lights, it’s systemic. What’s your nute line? Regimen? Medium? Lights? There’s no help for this grow but you could get some advice for the next one.
  3. drsaltzman

    Do these look hungry or to much light

    Feeding large plants in 3 gallon pots can get tricky sometimes. Especially with extra supplements. I’d just use the base nute and drop all the bud boosters. They don’t do shit except fuck up your grow.
  4. drsaltzman

    How Does Your Garden Grow??????

  5. drsaltzman

    How Does Your Garden Grow??????

    The chile plant kind of dictated the light height because it was the tallest. 600W COB in the 4x4x7, pulleyed all the way to the top. The tomatoes and eggplant are taking their sweet time. The cucumbers are quick and the chiles are prolific. It’s tough getting around the tent to clean the...
  6. drsaltzman

    Hermie pollination, good or bad?

    Agree, don’t see males. But water doesn’t really neutralize pollen. It just immobilizes it. If they’re gonna clean their space they need to do more than spray water. Nanners can stay buried for a while. And usually they only pollinate the immediate bud that they’re growing in. Usually. If there...
  7. drsaltzman

    How's this seedling look looking a bit discoloured ?

    Just leave it alone. Doesn’t need food. Or much water as long as the soil is damp. Let it do it’s thing.
  8. drsaltzman

    How long to go before two week flush

    Yes, nice looking colas. You got a long ways to go though. Long way. Patience is the key. And you can’t flush a plant. Don’t short those nice buds. Even death row gets fed until the end.
  9. drsaltzman

    How Does Your Garden Grow??????

    8 days later. Already harvested 6 cukes. More on the vine. Tomato fruit starting to show. Chile peppers starting to ripen. Eggplants are flowering but not setting fruit though. And the cannabis is getting frosty! Opened the tent a few minutes early this morning to snap a pic before the lights...
  10. drsaltzman

    Diagnose leaf twisting

    Cold wet roots ... yes, that's also a possibility. One thing I've learned using bagged soil is that not every batch is the same. The Roots 707 I've been using the past couple of months is way more acidic than usual. And has a lot less forest product. Some of this bagged shit is almost all...
  11. drsaltzman

    How to germinate seeds without a heat mat ?

    How to germinate without a heat mat? Put the seed in soil in a solo cup. Soak it first. Or don’t. Put it in a warm spot. Or don’t. As long as it’s inside your home it doesn’t need anything more.
  12. drsaltzman

    Diagnose leaf twisting

    Definitely PH related. Too low for soil.
  13. drsaltzman

    New grower Help!!!

    Bud sites don't appear just a couple days after flip. You have to wait. So to answer your question "are the bud sites too small?" the answer is you don't have any yet. Plant looks good. Nothing to worry about.
  14. drsaltzman

    How long of 12/12 triggers a plant to switch?

    The vegging plants can take ambient light for a few days or more without much harm. Shop light. Some LED bulbs. Depends how many plants.
  15. drsaltzman

    Hello.. I really need some help with my grow. I can't figure this out.

    Fabric pots are permeable and dry out faster than plastic.
  16. drsaltzman

    Hello.. I really need some help with my grow. I can't figure this out.

    Hello NugNewb, Your light is only 150W. Very unlikely it's a lighting problem. You mentioned that your soil is hydrophobic (doesn't absorb well). I think Dank Bongula has some god advice though I don't believe it's because the soil is too wet at the roots. I think it's dry down there or at...
  17. drsaltzman

    End of the 7th week of flowering

    Looking sweet but I agree, a couple weeks more will gain you some weight.
  18. drsaltzman

    How Does Your Garden Grow??????

    First two cukes. Pretty fast. Eggplant starting to flower. Tomatoes also. A couple fruit on them too. Even with those horrendous leaves. Chilis are popping. Overall a decent experiment. Tent is jammed though. And the new hybrid cannabis plants are loving life right now. Not even the tiniest...
  19. drsaltzman

    Young veg flipped into flower during 24/0 light ???

    Not seeing a preflower. Preflowers are usually single calyxes with pistils. They’ll start before the tops do. Yours looks like some wonky vegetative growth.
  20. drsaltzman

    Young veg flipped into flower during 24/0 light ???

    It’ll work out the twists on its own. Just make sure your PH is proper. Plants don’t just flip into flower unless they are autos. Double check your timers If they’re flowering before you want them to. I don’t see any flowers forming yet from your pictures.