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  1. fishwhistle1

    Anybody ever have this happen?

    Just like the title said.
  2. fishwhistle1

    Let the plant clone for you?

    I will preface this whole story with the fact that I am very stoned right now but!! I have been thinking about cloning the plants that I have started this year for outdoor. The reason being is that I want to ensure the plants I am putting out are going to be female (starting from regular seeds)...
  3. fishwhistle1

    First legal outdoor grow

    Hey guys back again for another year but as the title stated this year I wont get in trouble lol. As you can guess I live north of the border. Last year turned out to be pretty good with the plant I've been growing for the past few years. Harvested just over 13 ounces dried and cured not the...
  4. fishwhistle1

    Greetings from the Green Belt

    hey everybody new to site and thought I would say hello to all. May fortune and sun shine down on your plants
  5. fishwhistle1

    anything i should be doing differently

    Hey guys just found this site and love it. Cant stand waiting around for things to happen so got to the internet to give myself ideas (most stupid). I know I should probably do nothing and let mother nature take her course just hard to sit around and wait. A little back ground not my first...