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  1. mindriot

    bodhi seeds

    A few Garfunkles.. had a total of 8 females out of a pack. These 2 went 74 days
  2. mindriot

    Looking to try something new

    I grew White Russian about 15 years ago.. had a cherry AK leaner that was a knockout.. I kept a cut around for a few years until I had to move. Bought a pack a few years ago to find her again but no luck. Too bad Serious seeds are tough to get here in the U.S. I'd probably try again.
  3. mindriot

    AK Bean Brains

    Based on AKBB's description, these are pretty mold resistant "On the mom side, we have an original Mandelbrot bred F8 Royal Kush x Truth OG. On the dad side, we have a black afghani crossed to Strayfox's Iraqi indica. This plant has proven to have very consistent profiles with over 80% of...
  4. mindriot

    Pot in the 60s and 70 s

    It was just different. A lot was imported from places where it had been cultivated and selected for thousands of years. They had unique effects that differed by region and climate, as well as different harvest/cure methods.
  5. mindriot

    Archive Seed Bank

    I had 100% germination on my Puro Loco, from JBC
  6. mindriot

    Lucky Dog Seed Co.

    Yep Lucky Dog IS SkunkVA
  7. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    I ran 2, they were stretchy with very long branches.. decent sized nugs. Had a sweet burnt rubber/hashy profile on one. I'll dig up some pics later.
  8. mindriot

    Useful Seeds

    My last Blueberries and Chocolate out of a 3 pack, this was the nicest one, day 71
  9. mindriot

    Pacific seedbank?

    They don't have any traceable genetics. All of their breeder names are made up.
  10. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    95 Angels (Big Chem 95 x Hell's Angels OG) - this is around day 70.
  11. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    whoops.. it's Roadkill Marshmallow
  12. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    a few shots of a Black Marshmallow at day 61. really nice skunky gas pheno
  13. mindriot

    bodhi seeds

    No, different people
  14. mindriot


    Isn't this just another site that sells marked-up bulk seeds from Spain to unsuspecting newbies?
  15. mindriot

    Useful Seeds

    Chem4 x BOO day 64
  16. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    So far it pretty much smells like Sunshine Daydream but more pungent with some skunk
  17. mindriot

    strayfox gardenz #circleofblessings

    the only decent shot of Hollywood Daydream (SSDD x HPK)
  18. mindriot

    bodhi seeds

    I guess I'll put my pack at the back of the queue... glad I decided to run Garfunkle instead. Thanks for the info.
  19. mindriot

    JBC Seeds

    it seems pretty random- sometimes I get my package within 3 days, other times it gets stuck somewhere for a week. They eventually show up.