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  1. Lovenug

    What’s your funniest/ favorite April fools day story?

    -.. I can’t really remember any but I’m sure y’all got some good ones :bigjoint:
  2. Lovenug

    Bad apples

    I know this a weed growing form. But I know y’all cooly booly. I have a old apple tree at my mamas place me and my one my grandparents planted when I was like 11, lllong ass time ago! Haha I’ve noticed this moldy stuff growing on the branches, any ideas of how to rid it of this...
  3. Lovenug


    What are the difference between having 4x 150 watt LED’s with the wattage output of a 600 watt hps bongsmilie and having just one led that push’s out 600 watt power? Can I do say 2 300s even
  4. Lovenug

    4x4 auto grow

    what size in-lines and carbon filter can I use in a 4x4 for nice air flow
  5. Lovenug

    The migro400

    has anyone on here had much experience with the migro’s led. Thinking on maybe opting out for the migro400 that replaces a 600watt hps
  6. Lovenug

    just a few bits and bobs :)

    Anyone know where I can buy good grow equipment? E.g very quite in-lines and a nice powerful all in one led in Ireland, kinda scared to order them to the house lol
  7. Lovenug

    Auto power

    hey all! Looking for some feed back on autoflowering seeds, preferably ones available in and around the Emerald Isle
  8. Lovenug

    LED grow price

    hey all!! Long time stoner about to try this grow your own out. Sick of paying for it here in the e.u prices are just not good. Haha to get to the point I want to grow with an LED and very quiet fans maybe in a 4x4 maybe 4 to 6 plants. What is the price range, I’m hope no more then 1500 to 2000...