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  1. raggyb

    using acid resistant capsules

    If you put oil or butter in acid resistant capsule the thc would bypass your stomach and dissolve in your intestine. Besides taking longer to start feeling high, what would be the difference from regular capsules? Think I read once about thc processing in your stomach first and then again...
  2. raggyb

    Small LED build advice

    Love RIU! I want to get my feet wet with LEDs by building my own small fixture. I would like to build my own. It's only for vegging, and I want to evenly cover a 1 sq ft area from a height of only 2 ft or less, so I think it's total max of only 45w. I want to learn to work with LEDs, so...
  3. raggyb

    Separating buds from stems for drying

    I'm thinking of separating buds from stems when I harvest instead of hanging the whole plant to dry. Assuming the temp and humidity is in the good range, will this have any negative effect compared to drying them on the stems? I'm asking specifically about drying, not curing. Thanks!
  4. raggyb

    What is wrong with my bitches?

    What's wrong with these? I have a feeling it's an obvious/classic something if you know. They have white or yellow at the edges of the leaves in the center of the pictures. Does it change the diagnosis whether they are white or yellow? Sorry bad photos. More background: Different strains...
  5. raggyb

    best humidity for rooting clones?

    I've got more control over my humidity to try and solve my cloning issues and want your advice. I've been lucky if half of my cuttings make it. Read a lot of suggestions and often see people saying to take the humidity dome off after only 1-3 days. I took my dome off this time and they're in...
  6. raggyb

    Pheno hunt vs. "strain hunt" - pros and cons

    Say you only have room for a few plants under your big light. I'm looking for thoughts comparing a grow for pheno hunting within one strain to growing different strains together to find the best strain. My thoughts, Pheno hunt Pro - you don't have to save as many clones you won't want for...
  7. raggyb

    Is DC current fan better than AC current fan (for odor control)?

    Would you disagree or agree? What are advantages of DC? I want to consider a DC powered fan instead of AC. This is pertaining to a 6" round duct with odor control filter attached. Summarizing the link
  8. raggyb

    Slight Chill in room

    There is a slight chill in the room, aroud 71 F is the high. Would it be better to turn the circulating fan off? There are still in and out fans on. rH around 55%. Plants in flower. Thanks if you know!
  9. raggyb

    tri combes on my mind

    Trichomes. why shouldn't you look at trichs on the sugar leaves? so many say this but don't give a reason. I find out of focus trick looks cloudy but if you focus you may find they're actually clear. I'm tired of dicking around with the fucking scope.
  10. raggyb

    semi-planned grow

    Happy Covid 19 lockdown, everybody. May as well make a grow journal.
  11. raggyb

    How high to put 50 W LED above seedlings or clones?

    Hi fellow stoners, i have a gift of a LED light panel and i use it for side things and it worked well so far, for flowering males and collecting pollen for example. the LED draws 50W from the wall and it's rectangle ~ 12" x 16" with about 25-30 leds. Very white looking light/photons in total...
  12. raggyb

    unplanned grow

    was not going to do a grow and then at the last minute decided to do one without a plan other than to learn by doing.
  13. raggyb

    Plant not revegging

    I revegged before, but it's not working this time under different circumstances. This time the plant was pretty large and I cut off a lot of plant to harvest. So not a lot of vegetation left to support what's left of a big plant. I also trimmed off considerable root mass to put in a smaller...
  14. raggyb

    young clones damping off after planting in soil

    I searched on this and only things that come up are about cloners. I have my problem after I move the rooted clone to a soil. Am I the only person ever had this problem? I once had success with a dome setup but now I didn't. They got roots but damped off and died after planting. I thought...
  15. raggyb

    length of spider mite web strands

    Can spider mites spin a single strait strand of webbing between two points a few inches apart? I've had mites before, but I don't recall any single strands that run more than a cm. I was looking at my big male and see a couple web strands like 2 or 3" long. Before I freak out and start...
  16. raggyb

    Can you tell presex on this?

    Still in Veg. Do these pics indicate the sex to you? Thanks!
  17. raggyb

    Mag def?

    Is this mg deficiency? Plants in veg. First organic. Tap has Ca, left out to declor. Gypsum in soil. Watered epsom 1 week ago and calmag 2 days ago. Ethiopian x Maui Waui and (Ethiopian x Candida) x NL. Ethiopian father is 100% sativa and incredibly light feeder. Will these leaves get...
  18. raggyb

    Going out of town help

    Growers, I'm an indoor grower and going out of town and have no one to water. If I have ~ 1 or 2 foot high plants in veg that are normally under 800W HID, would it work to turn one light off and run only 400W and raise that up say 1 foot, and also give the plants a heavy dousing before I...
  19. raggyb

    Nirvana Maui Waui Smoke Report

    You only live once, so here's my Mowie Wowie report! This was low dose low puff sample for first time, so I reserve the right to change my answers. Also I didn't take any CBD pill before this puff, so I'm inconsistent. Soory. Maui was said to have a small amount of CBD, but I ran Beams test...
  20. raggyb

    DIY moisture detector

    Sharing my idea for a way to indicate when it's time to water.