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  1. olaf687

    Is this plant more sativia not much white hairs?

    All my other 11 plants have been budding nicely but I have one purple kush that is way behind the others. I see some white pistils but not many. Is this plant more of sativia phenotype and just taking a bit longer to make buds? It's taller than the other plants not sure if it's still going...
  2. olaf687

    Project Veritas Interview google insider employees speak out!

    So about month ago an alt media company known as Project Veritas caught an undercover google employee bragging about censoring conservatives and Independents. He also is released more videos this month with more google insider employees speaking out against censorship. Google has already been...
  3. olaf687

    How to block road dust?

    Does anyone know how you block dust from a dirt road blowing into your buds?
  4. olaf687

    Is a couple yellow leaves in lower middle normal?

    My plants are getting really big about 6 ft tall now. I noticed with some plants there is 1 or 2 yellow leaves in upper lower part the plant. It doesnt seem to spread though. Is this normal? They do seem to be leaves that don't get much light either. But I wanted to make sure not a worst...
  5. olaf687

    Does wildfire smoke affect trichrome development?

    So unfortunately there was a fire started on the weekend near Rosenberg Oregon. I'm getting really fucking sick of fires! And believe people are making money off it to set them purposely. The ODF apparently didn't respond to the fire for 3 days! But anyway, i'll spare everyone that rant. I...
  6. olaf687

    Any dispensaries left in Southern Oregon that sell from medical growers?

    Hi guys I'm really disgusted with the recreational dispensaries. Their stuff is cut way too early barely has any smell, sometimes over a year old, and just doesn't sedate you very good! Does anyone know of any dispensaries that source from small time medical farms rather than huge early cut...
  7. olaf687

    Does anyone know any farms that do late harvest?

    I really need a good deep relaxing sleep but ever since I moved to Oregon very tough to find any dispensaries that carry farms that harvest late Indicas. And let the trichromes get more amber for insomniacs like me. Does anyone know any farms that sell very stoney couch lock, lots of amber buds...
  8. olaf687

    What is considered a late harvest in Southern Oregon?

    I was wondering what month is considered a late harvest, end of october or november? I have a greenhouse so I can cover them with plastic when the rain comes. But I would like to keep the heating to a minimum. I plan to have the greenhouse open unless it rains but how low temps can the buds take...
  9. olaf687

    Anyone know where to find places that carry Sofresh farms?

    So after looking for a year and finding nothing but swag and early cut bud I finally found a really dank farm that doesn't cut corners. They are completely organic, hand trim bud and grow sedative strains especially for insomniacs. Every dispensary I know is out of it. Does anyone know anywhere...
  10. olaf687

    Finding little bite holes on my plants!

    So been noticing the last couple of days little bite hole marks in some of the leaves on my plants. I sprayed neem oil about 10 days ago. And gonna be spraying again in the next couple days. I also sprinkled some DE in pots to help control any bugs coming from soil. Here's a pic of the bite...
  11. olaf687

    Should I top the spacequeen?

    Hi I have 12 plants growing outdoors for a little over a month now. I have 12 ft high greenhouse i really doubt these plants will ever get that tall. But I also think I wanna top it to get more colas. Or not sure if thats called pinching? Anyway should I top it or not? I attached a pic of the...
  12. olaf687

    Best organic blood meal brand?

    Whats the best organic blood meal brand? I plan on making a mix of blood meal, allpauco poop, and crab meal for a top dressing. Is it ok mix these all together? I do know to be very careful with the blood meal. Adding half the recomended dose or less.
  13. olaf687

    Will Ocean forest soil destroy benefecial natural bacteria?

    I was bit tricked into buying ocean forest I thought it was organic. But after doing more research it seems it has something more synthetic. My concern is I wanted my grow completely organic. I even added myco on the roots and plan on growing clover in the pots. I plan to add benefecial plants...
  14. olaf687

    Diamecius Earth application?

    Hi I have an outdoor grow and have few threads here. I been applying diamecius earth ocassionally in the last 2 weeks. I only sprinkle a light coat on the top of my pots but not too close to stem. The plants seem to love it but when I water it wets and i believe doesnt protect against insects...
  15. olaf687

    Might of slightly burned plants with neem oil

    I been growing 12 plants outdoors and been using neem oil for a month now with no problems. I was using the recomended dose on the bottle. I started off half strength when they were young bumping up to full strength now. I usually sprayed them around 7 pm at night. But I feel sun might still...
  16. olaf687

    When to start lollypopping?

    I have a outdoor grow and I wondering whens a good time to start lolipopping? I dont want to wait too late because in about a month i believe they start flowering here in southern oregon. And I heard its not smart to lolipop during flowering. I dont want to stress them out. Their about 3 ft tall...
  17. olaf687

    Best top dressing for vegetative growth?

    Anyone know the best top dressing for vegetative growth? I just planted 12, 8 inch plants in 30 gallon fabric pots about a week ago. Money is not an issue so looking for the best top dressing. I heard blood meal and bat guano is good. But what are the best when your not held back by cost? And...
  18. olaf687

    Did I plant in 30 gallon containers too soon?

    So I been growing out plants from seed for about 5 weeks. My plants are about 8 inches tall. I wanted to get the plants out of these crappy peat pots. Because a couple weeks ago someone told me their really bad for the roots. I was in a bit rush to get them out of the peat pot. So anyway i...
  19. olaf687

    When can I spray neem oil?

    Hi I was wondering when can I spray neem oil on my seedlings or very young vegetative plants? I want to prevent from ever getting bugs. But I'm not sure if the the neem oil will be too harsh for only 5 week old plants grown from seed. They have been hardened off for a week but they did receive...
  20. olaf687

    My soil mix is it good?

    Hi guys I'm a newbie and this is the first time I mixed soil. I have 30 gallon fabric pots and im only filling them to 24 gallons so later I can add top dressing. 16 gallons of Ocean forest 2 gallons of ancient forest 3 gallons of black gold 3 gallons Roots Organics 1 gallon of coco fibers Is...