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  1. TheMan13

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals!
  2. TheMan13

    To cert or not to cert?

    Are you folks still paying for doctors certification and LARA licensing given the new rec laws? I've missed a couple certification appointments following the expiration of my med card due to the 2 hour round trip required. It's hard to schedule pain and if I'm in it, a long car ride is just...
  3. TheMan13

    Straw Bale Gardening

    Straw bale gardening, what say you? Does anyone know where I could find a dozen bales of straw this time of year? Not hey, as that is seeded.
  4. TheMan13

    Arm the Homeless!

    A Michigan Senate Candidate Wants to ‘Arm The Homeless’ Libertarian Senate candidate is running on the platform of giving guns to homeless people. I bet you can't WAIT for the election in November, amirite? Months of political ads, fighting, bots on social's sure to be a grand ole'...
  5. TheMan13

    M3BOA magazine

    Anyone else have this M3BOA (Michigan Medical Marijuana Business Owners Association) magazine show up at their home? Any thoughts on where they are obtaining our names and addresses?
  6. TheMan13

    2nd Annual Hash Bash Cup 2018

    2nd Annual Hash Bash Cup 2018 Friday April 6th 3pm - Sunday April 08th 8pm at the Wyndham Garden Hotel & Hampton Inn & Suites - Ann Arbor, Michigan
  7. TheMan13

    Most accomplished MMMA attorney?

    Who is the most accomplished MMMA attorney practicing in Michigan over the past eight years? I am particularly interested in successful trial experience.
  8. TheMan13

    MMMA lawyers not NORML affiliated?

    Is anyone aware of any competent attorneys working with MMMA patients and caregivers NOT affiliated with NORML in this state?
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
  10. TheMan13

    MI cannabis doctor charged with threatening local prosecutors & court officials

    MI cannabis doctor charged with threatening local prosecutors & court officials:
  11. TheMan13

    4/12 Court Support for Steven Sanderson Bay County Sec 8 Trial

    When: 08:30 Tuesday, April 12 Where: Bay County 18th Circuit, 1230 Washington Ave, Bay City, Michigan 48708 "My name is steven sanderson I am from bay county my family and I are victims of the police raids. On 2/10/15 over a year ago my door was kicked in by baynet. I broke no laws I am a...
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    Stoned Vets
  13. TheMan13

    3/22 Stop the raids rally and press conference

    Please join us if you can at the "stop the raids rally and press conference" being held on the front steps of the capital in Lansing, Michigan Tuesday March 22nd from noon to 2PM. There have been raids going down across the state for weeks now with little to no media coverage or explanation...
  14. TheMan13

    Clinton, Trump or Gary Johnson

    Does this cat have a chance of getting on the debate stages between Clinton and Trump this fall :confused:
  15. TheMan13

    Reschedule 420

    These Cannabis Activists Want To Get Arrested In Front Of The White House In response to the Obama administration’s unwillingness to take action on reforming marijuana laws, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign (DCMJ) is planning to light up outside the White House on April 2. The event, Reschedule...
  16. TheMan13

    45th Hash Bash 2016

    45th Hash Bash @ high noon Saturday April 2nd 2016 and 15th Monroe Street Fair there after. Who's all going?