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  1. green_machine_two9er

    Straight to pro-mix cloning. Easiest, pain free cloning.

    I wanted to put this method out there. Don’t see many people cloning this way and it’s soooo easy. 100% success rate. Plants can be ready for TRANSPLANT in 14ish days from Cut. step1. moisten promix hp. With or without myco, doesn’t seem to matter. Looking for that barely wet. No drops come out...
  2. green_machine_two9er

    Rosin press dry ice hash.

    Anybody. Is this common practice for high quality dabs? I usually would make water hash but don’t have much time to dry. I wanted to shake and smash in 25micron bag. Here’s a small but of the hash
  3. green_machine_two9er

    Mars hydro FC-6500 in 5x5 tent

    I used more durable tents before, but for the value this tent more Han exceed my expectations. Good accessibility, great vent options. I also like that the viewing Velcro opening is mesh instead of plastic. had no problem putting together by myself in a smaller basement room, seems sturdy. The...
  4. green_machine_two9er

    GM’s Grassroots 4x8 with blusoak

    Hi and welcome. Open invite for all things no-till. Thought I start a new thread just track this bed long term. See where it goes from there. I’m late to the game here but my mix was pretty simple. About 1/2 recycled mix. -crab, kelp, alfalfa and neem/Karanga. Basalt. Gaiagreen volcanic rock...
  5. green_machine_two9er

    17x37 build out. Hvac and any advice needed

    I’m looking for advice here. Moving into a bigger space, and new environment. I’ve only ever grown in basements and now am taking on a project that I want to get dialed in first run. so about 630 sqft. 17 x 37 the ceiling in this room is 20 ft. It it’s sealed off with plastic at about 12ft...
  6. green_machine_two9er

    What do I do with this jar

    I was gifted a quart jar of rye all innoculated. I’m not the mushroom guy and need help! It’s all white fuzzy mycelium. I was told it’s ready to be put into a tub or planter or whatever. Not sure which way to go for easiest fruit. I’m thinking just the rubber made chamber with coco and...
  7. green_machine_two9er

    Tga. Still got it? Worth investing? What ya think

    I looking at TGA seeds this year. Used to run some great gear back in the day. 9 lb hammer, Jack the Ripper, quirckle, Jazz et. Looking at a new list and barely recognize these strains any more. Looking for a couple packs. Not sure where to start Thanks RIU!!
  8. green_machine_two9er

    Organic soil water only

    Not much to say here. Only have a shitty phone so sorry advance for some photo quality. But here we go After years of gardening, trial and test. Here we are. A soil recipe that works for both no-till and recycled containers. Day one of flower was yesterday. So let's watch the stretch...
  9. green_machine_two9er

    RO water

    Anyone useing reverse osmosis and adding minerals back to water?? I’ve been blessed for years with great well water. Now in the city and I’m having trouble getting water dialed in. For now I’ve been using cal mg from general organics. Which is doing the job, but it looks like now I’m getting...
  10. green_machine_two9er

    Mammoth P? Thoughts, all hype or what?

    I see tons of people using mammoth P. I have mixed feelings in living soil. I wonder if the specific bacteria are there naturally. I always am thinking the the plant controls the micro herd. So any benefit? Is anyone using it and seeing the “16% yield increase” claim? “6% stem strength”. how...
  11. green_machine_two9er

    Gnats. No-till 30 gallon- help

    Well the gnats have taken over. Fresh soil mix in my new space. 30 gallon fabric pots. I did apply nematodes about 3-4weeks ago. They seemed to slow gnats down For a few days. But the last few days hasn’t been out of control. Any new or great ways to get rid of these little shits. Driving me...
  12. green_machine_two9er

    No till, Cover crop/ living mulch questions

    Thanks in advance, looking for some insight and opinions. Thoughts on When to plant, and or harvest and turn cover crops over. Im using this 50% Clover blend with [50% Clovers Plus Fenugreek, Vetch, Flax, Cowpeas, Buckwheat, Forage Peas, Millet, Lentils, Crimson Clover, Sweet Yellow, White...
  13. green_machine_two9er

    Will these doses go bad?

    I was recently gifted a handful of lifesaver mints each with a nice drop of liquid lsd. Just wondering if they can go bad this way? I don’t be able to take any until s few months from now. Thanks all.
  14. green_machine_two9er

    New mix. Feedback.

    Base mix: Perlite 1/6 Grow more pumice rock1/6 Ewc 1/3 Promix hp 1/3 Amendments: Per cf 1 cup kelp 1 cup neam 1 cup crab 3/4 cup fish bone meal 3/4 cup alfalfa 1 cup oyster shell 1 cup basalt 1cup azomite 1cup gypsum 1cup rock phosphate 1/2 cup humid acid 1/2 cup greensand 1 cup brown rice...
  15. green_machine_two9er

    Used soil for garden bed?

    Wondering if my indoor mix will work for veggies in a raised bed outdoors. Used probable twice indoors. Haven't added anything since. Base is one third each perlite,ewc,peat. 3-4cups total per cf Crab shell Neam Alfalfa Kelp Fish bone meal 4-5 cups per cf of Azomite, rock phosphate...
  16. green_machine_two9er

    TGA's jack the ripper

    Wierd stuff here. Anybody ever seen anything like this. I'm calling it a tongue. Stems are normal until about halfway up then the "tongue" effect starts. Happened with only one pheno out of 3.
  17. green_machine_two9er

    Can Anybody shed some light on swollen calyx Feminized seeds???

    If seen these every so often over the years. always just thought i had hermies or stress. Basically thought it was a bad thing to have seeds in my buds. which it is. But what about these Beautiful beans popping right out of swollen calyx itself? never thought about it much until about six...
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    How have i gotten away without an armoured truck so far.
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    Just for laaughs
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    Ran across this! cool stuff