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  1. madvillian420

    one of these things is not like the others

    One of my 3 Queens ladies took a pretty fast turn for the worse yesterday. Every other plant in the closet looks great. I dont measure PH or PPM's so that makes things a bit harder to track down. LUX meter shows 50k, i dont think shes light stressed. Could it really be these damn emergency...
  2. madvillian420

    Croptober deals

    I know the month is almost over, but i only recently stumbled upon these sales. Heads up to anyone whos been eyeing something new but couldnt justify the price like me. I have a shiny new BudgetLED250w arriving tomorrow to replace one of my old blurples. HLG has 15% off BudgetLED has 20% off...
  3. madvillian420

    Special Herbs With Madvillain

    Been posting here for a while, but never an actual journal. Going to sloppily keep track of things here to try and dial things in for my next runs, taking clones of almost every seed i pop lately, it only makes sense. I have no sponsors, everything i use was purchased, if i give a product...
  4. madvillian420

    Anyone use for clones/cuts/seeds?

    I stumbled upon the site today and they have some seeds ive been searching for. and although it looks pretty legit, ive never seen nor heard of anyone using them before
  5. madvillian420

    Topdress with straw?

    Any of yall use straw or hay to keep the top layer of soil from becoming too dry too fast? looking for a recommendation on a brand
  6. madvillian420

    Moldy gummies?

    Ive made 2 batches of gummies and after a week or two in a ziplock, both grew mold on them. Are you guys n gals taking any kind of extra precautions or steps to rid them of excess moisture or prevent microbials? kinda hard to sell gummies when they must be eaten within a week-10 days or they...
  7. madvillian420

    Lights off for vacation?

    going on a short trip (about 3 days) tomorrow and we are in the midst of a heat wave. My plan was to dim the lights in my tents and closet as low a possible, water the girls heavy and just leave em be. but now im concerned about heat and just paranoid in general about them so my plan is to...
  8. madvillian420

    Any Plumbers here? (union or not)

    Have a chance to join a plumbers union in Chicago, its a paid apprenticeship with a chance for a pretty decent salary afterwards, hoping to hear from someone with personal experience in the field
  9. madvillian420

    RIU Censorship

    Whats up with all the post deleting going on here? This new age woke safe space bullshit is ridiculous.
  10. madvillian420

    House flies + gnats in tent?

    So i opened one of my flower tents today and was surprised to see 5 or 6 house flies buzzing around in there. I know i have fungus gnats but these were definitely bigger normal flies. Can they present any issues? Also im late in flower and i cant get these gnats under control. They actually...
  11. madvillian420

    My mood all 4th of July

    stay black cocksuckas
  12. madvillian420

    safe soil treatment for insects in flower

    as the title says, i have some kind of bugs flying around my soil. I havent been able to catch one, but i figure bugs in the soil are bad in almost any case. Im at 5 weeks flower, is there anything safe to use on my soil this far along? is neem oil to be avoided so deep into 12/12?
  13. madvillian420

    HLG discontinues 300v2Rspec

    So i was looking at fixtures as i regularly do, and saw HLG has discontinued the 300v2 red and blue and now offers the 300 "L". different shape, and spread im assuming. Anyone using one of these new ones?
  14. madvillian420

    Multiple phenos/strains in one SCROG?

    Anyone grow SCROG style with multiple phenos/strains? Ive got 3 plants of Cannarado's sticky sundae going in veg right now, and they are obviously different phenos. One is stretchy/sativa dom and the other 2 are squat and indica looking. Im debating if i should even use my SCROG screen this run...
  15. madvillian420

    HLG 300 v2 Rspec VS. Budget LED Series 3+ SQ² Red Spec 250

    Im looking to add a friend for my current HLG300, and torn between the 2 lights listed. it appears as if the Budget LED is better as far as the PAR graph, but it draws less actual wattage than the HLG. I know some of yall are LED masters and im too dumb to figure out which is better. Someone...
  16. madvillian420

    Which brands do you love/hate?

    As you know, within a couple weeks most of the meds previously only available to medical patients will be available recreationally. I recently got access to some cresco labs pre rolls, cartridges, and Grassroots triangle kush flower. I was disappointed with the cresco pre roll but enjoyed...
  17. madvillian420

    What strain gave your biggest yield of dank?

    So im running 2 alphakronik strains right now and its going to be my best harvest ever as far as quality is concerned. Dense,sticky, stinky nugs. But my yield is going to be less than i had hoped. Im thinking i need to make wiser future choices in the genetics department for yield and would like...
  18. madvillian420

    Tea going rancid?

    So i mix all my organic teas and slurries in the same mason jar and on my last feeding a few days ago i had about 250ml of slurry mix left. I opened the jar today and it was absolutely rancid. Is the stink good or bad? Do you guys discard teas that get stinky? its a mix of chicken compost, worm...
  19. madvillian420

    Winter is coming?

    Hey gang, i'm at around day 25 from the flip to 12/12 with 2 older Alphakronik strains and i have zero trichs so far, I was wondering how far along in flower do your ladies usually get frosty?
  20. madvillian420

    Blue flies?

    i found and killed 3 of these little blue flies on my plants today. They dont look like plain old houseflies and they seemed to be loving my plants. I cant seem to find anything about blue colored flies on the search or Google.....Should i be concerned?