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  1. myke

    What is this?

    I made another thread in the General area. Thought I’d ask here also.Bringing in my outdoor sips for the year thought I’d amend them. Looking at the soil I’m finding these salt looking clumps located exactly where I did my Gaia top dressing. See photos. What am I looking at? Used up Gaia?
  2. myke

    Not sure what this is.

    This from my outdoor sips. I grew tomatoes in them. Organic soil topdress with Gaia and ewc. Not sure if it’s mould or what. It’s granular in texture and it was in clumps before I broke it up. What say you?
  3. myke

    A SIP to Mars.

    Hey all, I thought I would start a thread about organic sips. I’m a RDWC old timer and have made the move to organic sips.Perhaps some of you have seen my previous posts in the Sip thread. I wanted a place where I could put my updates for future reference so here it is. I run a home made soil...
  4. myke

    How to make a female plant hermi?

    I have an outdoor plant that I’ve been putting into darkness since June 21. Was thinking if I leave her be for another couple of months will she hermi and make me some seeds? I’ll have to put in the garage by a window as it will be cold here soon enough. What say you?
  5. myke

    Do you leave the driver on the lights?

    I picked up some used mars sp 250 lights.Do you just leave the driver on?Any issues with it getting too hot in the spot where they live? Cheers.
  6. myke

    Storing soil in totes during gnat season.

    Around mid August we normally get a lot of aphids and gnats hatching outside.I cant store my soil inside so its in the garage.Was thinking to wrap the top of my 27g totes with material like cotton so gnats cant get in.I suppose duct tape would work? Any other ideas?
  7. myke

    Potato towers

    Anyone try this? Seen lots of videos seems to work. Wrap a cage in a circle layer of straw then dirt. Seeds more dirt repeat. Like growing in a large pail with holes in the sides for the plant to grow out of.
  8. myke

    What bug is this?

  9. myke

    A little help with my worm bin

    I’ve had it for 3 months or so now. I’ve been feeding a mix of dry nutes. Kelp,alfalfa etc. And some Veggies scraps. I’ve been adding cardboard ,shredded paper etc. Old root balls chopped up stems. I was going to grab a few hand fulls from the bottom. See pic. To add to my plants. When I got...
  10. myke

    Need to bring my pH up

    I did a bunch of soil paste tests yesterday from different stages all around 5.9-6.2.Distilled water. I add 1 cup/cuft dolomite lime when mixing,should I get some OSF or just bump my lime to 1 1/2 cups. My water is hard,150ppm 7.2 ph. The OSF would work quicker I understand as a top dress to...
  11. myke

    Stem size

    Looking at my plants their stems are small,use to hydro size.Whats the deal,are they telling me something ? Base mix,+ kelp alfalfa gaia. Top dressing ewc and gaia dry. I have 5 different strains going all small.Even the ones vegged fo 2 months. Edit too add these are clones that ive all grown...
  12. myke

    Brisket smoking on the bbq

    I’m doing a point brisket ,first time on my bbq. Wish me luck.
  13. myke

    What’s this in my worm bin?

    When I first saw these crawling on some cardboard I have in the bin I thought what the hell! After looking at the pick it appears aphids mating? Not sure
  14. myke

    Organic stretch

    Ive got two strains that in hydro that stretch a lot,I have them both in my soil and I got maybe 3" of stretch (28 days now).Hydro would have been 15-20".Same room, lights.Why so much difference?I do notice tighter node spacing.
  15. myke

    Black strap molasses

    I noticed it dropped my ph,i put one tbls in 3 gallons but i also added a tbls of gaia bloom.Not sure which dropped my 7.2 tap to 5.8.
  16. myke

    Time to top dress,little help pls.

    3 weeks flower blasting 2 600 hps in 5x5, 5 gallon pots option 1- ewc 2 cups,2 tbls gaia bloom mix spread water in option 2-use composted soil,50 days old.basic mix with dry 444,kelp,lime,rock dust ect... mix this with gaia bloom same as option 1. ewc is store bought,probably not the best...
  17. myke

    What micron bag for teas

    I have the 8 bag full mesh bubble kit,I know some i dont need, should work for making tea id think?
  18. myke

    Oh crap. What did I do?

    Bubba kush plant, under a 400 mh. Was doing well until I gave her 1.5 table spoon of 444 ,2 gallon pot. Home made soil. leaves are curling up ,dry crunchy on the ends. I ve covered the top 3/4” with sand to kill the gnats. This was 3 weeks ago. I mixed the Gaia 444 with the sand. is the dry...
  19. myke

    Dry amendments soaking in water?

    Can it be done,if say take a cup of gaia 444 and 5 gallons let it steep.What say you?
  20. myke

    How do you smoke your hash

    I’m talking about the dried stuff straight from the bags. Not the pressed and rolled. Not sure what the right name is?? I don’t do knifes and my pipe is just too hot on the throat. Do these vape things work for this? thanks.