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    Styling Rollitup - Contest

    Hey Guy's, I know it has taken us a while to get to this point. What I want to do is create a contest to whoever can stylize and colorize the new rollitup. Keep the layout and structure the same mostly color change submissions. Submit a screenshot of your entry on this thread contest will end...
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    Becoming an established Member

    admin submitted a new resource: Becoming an established Member - How to get the most out of Read more about this resource...
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    User Ranks - Your input

    Hey Guy's We are about to change the user ranking system as you can see its new member, active, well known member now. But would like your input on the names here is what we had previously: Stranger Learning How To Roll Able To Roll A Joint Marijuana Toker Ganja Smoker Pot Head 420 TIME...
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    How To Change Avatar

    admin submitted a new resource: How To Change Avatar - The picture that goes with your username, is easily changeable Read more about this resource...
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    New And Updated Rollitup

    Hey Guy's Ok first off lets get this out of the way, I apologize :) we were in the process getting new servers up before this happened and doing the switch to the new software when, vbseo was injected with a redirect/javascript inclusion. Which made us get blacklisted in Google until we could...
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    Rollitup Maps Q & A

    Hello Everyone, I am pleased to announce that after months of work we have Launched Rollitup Maps! Now you may be wondering what exactly it is. Rollitup Maps is a way for our community to review our business's in our niche. Whether it is Dispensaries, Doctors or Hydro Shops, knowing before...
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    Input: Commenting

    Hey Guys, If you could go and test the commenting feature out and try to break it that would be great, all comment moderation has been turned off so you can see if the comment takes effect. RIU
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    Input: Ratings System,

    Hey Guys, How would you like Grow Shops and Hydro Shops rated, we need max of 5 ways to rate them. ie: hydro shops 1)knowledge 2)Price 3) Friendliness 4)Location etc....
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    INPUT: Design Issues

    Hey Guys/Gals, We are getting ready to launch (possibly mon-wed) if everything works out. If you guys can go through and find all design issues that you might think would be a bug. Something doesn't look right. better colour's text hard to read etc.... Any suggestions to make the user feel the...
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    INPUT: Home Page Bottom Right

    Hey Guys/Gals, On the home page if you look at the bottom right corner, you will notice a blank space. What do you think would fit well there. I was thinking recent comments for the entire maps section. RIU
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    Hey Guys/Gals, First off I would like to thank you for helping beta test our new features and by you helping us will make an easy transition for our users. What we are building here is a directory list of everything marijuana related, Seedbanks, Dispensaries, Doctors, Hydro Shops etc. We are...
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    New Firewall Up And Running

    Hey Guys, We implemented a new security system into our servers. However with new security comes false positives. Is anyone experiencing loading issues of any sort please let me know, if there is something can you please be as descriptive as possible. RIU
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    Loss Of Data

    Dear Rollitup Users, We at rollitup would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the recent downtime you have received. An SQL injection attack hit our server early in the morning causing a lot of our posts to be overwritten and the site was then redirected. As a result the complete backup...
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    SpeedySeedz Beware Rollitup Staff (Speedy Seedz)

    It looks like our rip off artist has resumed operations again. The company called speedyseedz comes in and out of the scene every once in a while once the heat dies down on them. Rollitup Members beware of this company last time they went underground they ripped off not only us by not paying...
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    I would like to take a second to congratulate all Arizona Medical Patients. We are slowly moving forward one state at a time :)
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    Asked to Re-confirm

    Hey Guys, Alot of you will be receiving an email asking you to re-confirm your email. This is not spam nor is it a scam. Our current mail servers can not handle all the users so we are using a newsletter distribution service that will not bog down our servers. Last week if any of you realized...
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    Writers Needed

    As we now have a page for news stories we are looking for writers to report news, these articles can not be copied but rewritten in your own words. We will be picking 3-5 people to write on a weekly basis. Please reply to this thread if you are interested.
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    New Site Live

    Hey Guys/Gals, New site is up and running if you find errors in the site please let me know. RIU
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    Server move

    We're upgrading servers, so there'll be some downtime today, starting soon.
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    Recent downtime

    Don't worry, it's not the feds... We've been having a few minor load issues with the RIU server, so we're tweaking things to make the site stabler and faster. It's early days, but things are looking good so far. In the meantime, we'll try and get a notice up when planned upgrades are going...