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    Any type of material would work great to conceal the light of a high watt cfl bulb to use it only as a greater

    Just toying about with ideas . For heating sources. I have X2 400watt cfl bulbs . May only use one . Do any particular materials come to mind to conceal light but let out heat and preferably not be a fire hazard
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    Has anyone used infrared heaters ?

    I'm currently using oil filled heaters but need something more efficient and costs less to run infrared looks like an option Anyone much experience with them . Are they safe to use Do all infrared hearers emit a bright light . Be interesting to see if an infrared heater which didn't emit...
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    What is the cheapest to run and most efficient source of heat for lights out ?

    ATM I'm using a 2000 watt oil filled radiator I have it on the lowest setting and it heats the tent up to a reasonable 23 from 18 . The tent is a 4x4x8 . Outside the tent is 15-16°c. So it does the job . I'll be switching to 12/12 and il be turning my qb dial up. As it is the heater even on...
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    Small bud sites

    These Bud sites are looking quite small for day 1 week 6 of veg .Will these sites grow but stay small
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    Is it possible to grow using only b52 and bloom for small vegging ?

    B52 is 2-1-4 ghe terra aqautica grow is 3-1-6 and bloom is 0-5-4. I usually start with b52 and root juice until weeks 6 then start adding nutes . But by week7 the leaves are looking dark and that's with half strength . I feed both bloom and grow as directed . Half strength . I'm wondering...
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    What is this White residue on leaves ?

    Humidifier is not in use Humidity is 55-60% Just watered yesterday Today leaves are caked in a light residue Lights and radiatior lights off dried up the leaf moisture rapidly leaving residue ?
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    Flip or keep vegging ?

    35 days of veg. Should I keep begging for another 2 weeks or flip now ? Maybe wait until some of those smaller bud sites develop more ?
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    How easy is it to overfeed and how much should you feed ?

    I'm using the ghe trio and following at half strength. I started off in biobizz and currently on day one of week 6. . I fed yesterday and 2 of the 3 are looking good . One the tips on the fan leaves are slightly droopy . Either it overwatered or overfed . I've come to the conclusion from...
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    Does this 5 week old photo look like an auto starting to flower?

    This 5 week old photo has been under 18/6 for 5weeks and looking at the bud sites there is some white appearing . At the moment it doesn't look like pistils dotted around the site just one Bloch of white .
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    Should I leave feeding for another week or two?

    Day 29 and up until now have only been feeding b52 and root juice . initially I planned to feed week 5 . But I'm.secomd guessing that decision . Plants look healthy and don't want to start burning them if they don't need it yet .
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    Should I ditch lst for the time being and focus on some more vertical growth?

    My aim is to eventually hit the scrog . It's a good 10-12" above the canopy atm . I've topped once followed by lst about 3 to 4 days later to try and accelerate bud sites and new stems . There now starting to get bushy and I will probably top again . Should I ditch the lst now that they've...
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    Is scrog any better than lst ?( for a small grow )

    Lst and acrogg seem like pretty much the same thing except lst is more hands on . While scrog might be better suited for larger grows as in more plants ? Is there any real benefits over one more than the other I've just built a scrog because I want to try it out , but actually like being...
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    When should I lst for scrog ?

    Growing photos all indica dominant . Just topped all 3 at the 5th node . Quite a bit of height needed to reach scrog just yet only at day 25 veg . Should I let the plant continue to grow vertically another week or 2 ..and continue to top once or twice again and then lst
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    How long does it take to recover from topping and how many times should /could over a given time ?

    For example I top at week 4 , it's what 5-7 days to recover . And I want to veg for 7 weeks . realistically how many times should you top in a given timescale Also do I need to keep topping in veg and not in flower If that is the case would it be best to top once or twice and then fim or...
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    Will raising my light and lowering intensity at this stage help stretch and space the nodes?

    May have increased light intensity too early . I'm 2 days into week 4 and I need some stretch to get some spacing between the nodes . The light is now sitting a 45" above canopy and light intensity is roughly 16k lux Will this help to get some stretch ?
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    Does fertilizer or supplements raise pH ?

    My pH level on a few solutions are all over the place . Water oh is 6 . I've added b52 and root juice round 1ml per litre some slightly more . And the pH level is different between the two . Are you adding fertilizer and supplements first and then treating the ph level I've been treating the...
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    How much water would you feed around week 3 vegging soil seems to be drying out rapidly ?

    Only a few grows under my belt but the way I've done it is start at about 50-100ml seedling then 300ml then 500ml to 1 litre by week 5 full waterings 2litres. I'm on about day 16 and watering with b52 and root juice small amounts with about 400ml water. I only watered yesterday and the soil is...
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    Is topping more effective than fim?

    I've fimmed before and I'm not sure how much of it was fim or whether it was mostly good lst . But I'm wondering wether a proper topping would be more effective or not at the early stage of veg and get maximum exposure
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    Pests and diseases already ?

    Start of week 3 everything in check does this look like a pest
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    What would be the best way to position these plants for maximum light exposure?

    4x4 tent 480 qb Obviously middle plant gets the most light intensity and dropping off at the sides . What is the best way to position these plants In this space I had 4 but took one out and thinking how to more effectively use this space and equipment