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    How to fill out a Support thread

    Hi I was looking to get a thread removed Working on an edibles project but I posted too early looking for someone to maybe run an experiment alongside me for verification I picked up a troll from another site who may end up posting in the thread to derail it In a nutshell, was working on nano...
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    The lecithin works and helps emulsify the cannabis oil into the coconut oil Fats readily mix together, the lecithin helps to hold everything in place and some say it helps boost the way you metabolize the coco oil through your liver Didn't bother adding lecithin to my last coco oil because I...
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    Advice on making a small batch of cannabutter.

    The math is hard to do Are you using a crockpot method or something similar? I would look up the efficiency of your extraction method and plug those numbers in to your calculations I do cold alcohol extraction which seems to run in the 60%-70% efficiency range, so on a projected 1000mg I would...
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    Magical butter Mango gummy mix???

    Need some clarity here Which recipe are you using, the one from scratch, the already made mixture or both? How much bud/concentrate is in the the tincture? Need to figure out how many milligrams we have to work with in the form of a guesstimate If you could link or get a pic of the recipe that...
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    Magical butter Mango gummy mix???

    No reason you cannot use the honey Just research a recipe that uses some form of sugar and swap the infused honey I think the glycerine may help in your case Can you use a coffee mug warmer? It will speed up the process and is discreet, about $10-$15 US Actually A recipe on their site calls...
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    Magical butter Mango gummy mix???

    I tried a pre made gummy kit Came with molds and some ingredients and a reusable bag to put your gummies into when done. This is from some site in Canada, I forget, while ago They use glycerine in the kit I bought but my infused coconut oil and simple syrup work much better A lot of them use...
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    Help with tincture!

    Not familiar with boiling everclear extraction I do cold extraction, filter the material then reduce the tincture A few pics of my work So you soaked your bud in everclear, brought it to a boil and evaporated the alcohol off leaving the buds? Do I have it right? Some pics and more info would help
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    Super Strong Cannabutter

    I make infused oils and syrups from reduced tincture Dosing is the single biggest problem I encounter The above posts contain sound advice and researching green outs and how to deal with them is advised You are going to have to do step dosing Take your calculations, they are not exact but will...
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    Question About Cooking With Rosin

    Pick up a silicone box like the one that comes with the magical butter machine Set your oven at 240f (115c) and put your cannabis in the silicone box and decarb for 40 minutes Use an oven thermometer to check the accuracy of your ovens temps The decarb is important and makes all the difference...
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    Edibles: Do they retain strain specific effects?

    You could try a natural decarb Do a cold alcohol extraction of your cannabis and keep it in a cool dark place for 4 months This keeps a lot of the compounds intact and may offer some of the effects you get from different strains Honestly, I make tincture and reduce that into oil and simple...
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    ABV Suggestions

    I did my water cure for 2 days Forgot that I had put some extracted material that still had alcohol in it into the mix Turned the water cloudy Hope I dried the material enough before beginning the extraction I filtered my tincture like crazy to make it palatable This is the final stage of the...
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    ABV Suggestions

    Did a cold alcohol extraction with my ABV I turned the tincture into an ABV simple syrup Third jar from left to right Use it in the evening for sedative effect but need to get an outside opinion Please report back on your water cure attempt I have some water cured ABV in the freezer waiting...
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    A Stumper of a Question Regarding Edibles

    I just don't have enough experience with many strains to differentiate, especially with edibles being my primary method of ingestion Enjoying my latest batch of infused simple syrup The left is a heavily filtered tincture infused simple syrup The right is a less filtered cannabis tasting syrup
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    A Stumper of a Question Regarding Edibles

    I would probably start with timing the onset Did it take 30 minutes, 45 minutes etc. Go through each strain and record the time you feel effects After getting the timing down you could record the physical effects like munchies and the psychological like euphoria This would help you develop a...
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    Definitely try coconut oil I use cold alcohol extraction to make a tincture and then reduce it and mix into the coconut oil You can get a potent coconut oil that you only need a TEAspoon or less for a dose You will find all kinds of new things to experiment with when you make your ghee/coconut...
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    A Stumper of a Question Regarding Edibles

    My issue is the taste I no longer use my MBM because to much plant material ends up in the alcohol or oil Water cure, cold ethanol extraction and filtering have made my edibles......ah, well edible for me for lack of a better term Fairly sure I strip off any of the compounds that would make one...
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    A Stumper of a Question Regarding Edibles

    I would be very interested in not only the results but how you would go about an objective blind study Please post back if you do this and let us in on your methodology Edibles are gaining a foothold in the cannabis community and this info would be gold I process my tincture to eliminate as much...
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    A Stumper of a Question Regarding Edibles

    After a year of making tinctures and turning them into edibles I would agree with the above statements that strain only matters regarding thc content The characteristics (if I can call it that) get lost during the processing and heat exposure If your edible is sugar based it will not go through...
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    How much? For how potent?

    The standard guesstimate is a loose formula based on thc percentage 15% per gram is 150 mg, 18% is 180mg Multiply that by how many grams you are using and you have a rough idea So 5 grams at 15% would be 750 mg This is just a basic explanation and you can Google the formula, if you know your...