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    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    That's a real gem ya got. You should be proud of that.
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    Hlg 600 r spec

    Same light. Cloudline T6. The T6 has hi/low temp and humidity alarms. It's what was recommended by SmokinJoe on Z-labs. I'm real happy with both the light and exhaust system. Recently had an issue and I re-did my wiring. Zip tied things up better. My temp/rh sensor was moved a little. Not much...
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    I baptized my SDs yesterday. Looking very nice.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    Pretty sure they won't take my current seed obsession into account at bankruptcy court. Ha! Which is where I'll end up if you don't cut it out. Noticed a hole in favorite GLG shirt this morning. Now I see shirts on GLG's new email. My wife's threatening parental control mode if I don't cut it out.
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    Tony greens tortured beans

    My outdoor Bubblehead has such a high resin content its hard to smoke! If I smoke a joint and it goes out, I can't relight it! Like trying g to smoke a pencil. Realy strong smoke.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    You're killing me here! I sure hope you never take plastic. I just get confirmation you got my $ for my last order. Now you drop Rude Dog and Urban Menace? Couldn't help myself. In my cart already. BAM!!!
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    What are you smoking today?

    Today it's Tony Green's Tortured Beans NYCOxOgChem. Same thing I've been smoking since I cut. Only thing I've smoked the last month, and I've gotvso many jars to choose from. Ticks all the boxes. For some reason it doesn't give me cotton mouth, which is a real bonus since lately I smoke weed all...
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    Yeah! It's Bud Worm Season. Pics

    A little late for this year, but this is flicking genius in my book. I got thrashed this year by them.
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    Best Fabric Pot?

    I'm aware this is an old thread,but unless you do clones wouldn't basic pheno variation account for differences. Even with really good genetics I get that much variationno expert expert, just a curious guy who needs new pots.
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    Useful Seeds

    Blackened Oranges starting to frost up a touch. Wish I had grown more than just this one. Really straightforward to grow.
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    This may or may not be the right spot for this, no harm intended. I like to be ahead of the game as far as having seeds and most anythiing else I need. I had some seeds from a previous year plus several new strains I ordered form Spain, or someplace over there before the New year. Then I found...
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    bodhi seeds

    Ordered my 1st Bodhi seeds today. I couldn't possibly be short on seeds where I needed them. I'm sure that's understood here. I just got tired of seeing you folks getting excited about his stuff and I didn't have any. Here's what's coming. More Cowbell, Prayer Tower Indica (GG#4xSSDD, freebie)
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Today's goodies Mass Medical-Bubba Pupil (Runaway Bride, Putang Neville Chem, Kashmir x Sunshine Daydream x Acopolo gold, freebies) Bodhi-More Cowbell, Prayer Tower Indica (GG#4xSSDD, freebie) There's always a good shot of Bad Dawg freebies, several of which I have started. And my 1st but...
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    Great Lakes Genetics ?

    Just stumbled on this searching for something else. Bad Dawg freebies from GLG have recently included Atonic x Longbottom Fighter. I understand there's a range of phenos with differing ratios. I've got about a dozen just started this week, so can't report anything. I'm hoping I'll find some back...
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Ordered Mass Medical Strains Stardawg Pupil and Boston Cream Pie, which both had Kashmir x Sunshine Day Dream x Acopolo gold and Runaway Bride as freebies, as well as an unknown Bad Dawg freebie. All from GLG.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    I hope my skills are up to my choices. According to tracking, some of these arrive tomorrow. That leaves only 2 orders in process. I haven't hit the confirm order for almost 2 weeks! Does that mean it's time to find something else I simply can't live without? Probably....
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Forgot one from tony Green's Tortured Beans- (NYCO X GB F2) X NYCO reversed (BK1) Feminized, Ordered this one not really knowing what I had snagged, GLG being new to me. Apparently not many of these, so was lucky without knowing it.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Gotta letter in the mail.... I ran the Bruce Banger outdoors last year. Not the fast version. Also ran the Seedsman Gelat OG. Both Freebies. My wife told me to use the BB for edibles. She was pretty fond of the Gelat OG though.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    All from GLG, and sorry if I forgot add anyone in my excitement
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Mass Medical Strains -5 Star w/Acapulco Gold -Putang -Prayer Pupil -Panama Pupil v3 and Runaway Bride as freebies Useful Seeds- Blackened Oranges Tony Greens Tortured Beans -Orange Grapefruit Rabbit Hole + 3 different crosses And a whole shitload of Bad Dawg freebies I'm getting good and...