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    Portable ac units, maybe?!?!

    So just bought a house and the tent is going to the garage. Until I get the garage up to par which the plan is to make it a hang out type of spot with indoor outdoor bar and all that jazz. I need to find an affordable way to keep plants cool enough especially in a tent. Will be getting some...
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    Bar style LED lights.

    this is probably a very stupid question more an actual opinion. I've always liked the bar style led lights. Like the ones that have multiple strips take up a lot of room like the sunplix lights. I ran into some money and want to purchase a couple. Other than for the sake of I think they look...
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    organic conposts teas

    so im wanting to try organic. I dont use nutes until flower unless needed and thsts just cal mag typically. Im by no means a great grower, but thars just what I use. I was using advanced and dont think i really like em. I want to try compost for the flower phase. Im finding info on them and all...
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    Cannabis plant smells like hay before harvest

    at the end of my first grow and having a few issues. I'll go ahead and give the rundown of whats happening. I got seeds from homegrown cannabis so I think some might be a genetic issue. First is first ppms are between 150-300, humidity is at 45 percent temp 75 percent. Use inkibirds to control...
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    Gelato strain

    Growing 8 gelato feminized in my 4x8. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to anything. The question does anyone know what environment they thrive the best in. I’ve been growing everything in 70 degrees 50% HR. I’m trying to step it up and dial it into what this train does best in. They...
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    Natural nutes.

    I’m not using any nutes and only If I have too I’ll use cal mag. I do have advanced 3 part system and don’t know why. Using fox farm ocean forest also. My question is since I’m not very experienced. Is silica a natural nute I can use for protection and I did use michroazzae don’t know how to...
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    Marijuana strain suggestion

    I’m currently in my first grow. I’m growing blueberry jack autos, and I’m gonna research until these are done, well I’ve researched and bought my gear over the course of a year before starting my first grow. I got this strain because it’s a good beginner grow. I’m looking for a strain for my...
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    2x8 grow lights

    So I’m sure this might have been asked and answered, but I’m new new like joined 5 minutes ago new. Haven’t had time to search I work a lot. Anyways, I want to buy a 2x8 grow tent. I have a 2x2, but want to expand. This size would fit great in my room just because the dimensions. I’m using a...