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    32 square feet and 1400 watts of newb

    So.... it was suggested that I start a grow journal of my first attempt at growing some medicine. Here it is ! I am a total amateur. No idea what I am doing. I grew a sunflower once. I started with a 4x4 tent a and 400 mh open vented hood.
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    1 female 6 males?

    Sooooo. My first grow. Had a few issues with cal mag and ventilation. But I didn’t kill any ! I bought a whole bunch of unsexed seeds for cheap and decided to give it a try. I am pretty sure like usual my odds aren’t favourable (why I don’t gamble) Are these males? Looks like one female...
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    Filter for ballasts ?

    Anyone know if I can/should run a filter on an external ballast ? I have a Vivosun 1000hps external ballast mounted on my wall in the garage and it seems to be getting pretty dusty. Thanks !
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    Yellowing !

    Hello just looking for some help. Fresh newbie here. I have 7 sweet jackys in a 4x4 with 1000watt my dimmed to 600. They are 13 days old. The bottom leaves started yellowing about 5 days ago but they still grew new leaves. The soil is organic promix red. Overwatering ? Also should I trim...
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    Uncle weiners!

    Any one try out uncle weiners 1000 or 600 watt hps kit ? Comes with a vented hood and blower and filter assembly. First time grow for me in a 4x4 tent inside of a insulated garage in -30 Alberta winters. I’m thinking on getting the 1000watt kit Just wondering if anyone has purchased one...