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    Possible Root Problems

    I transplanted these from a seed tray on Tuesday. I started the water level slightly high but I have lowered it to the bottom of the "net cup". I am running beneficial bacteria and the roots seem to be growing like crazy. I do notice some dark spots though. I think I might want to increase the...
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    Plants not doing well after transferring to dwc reservoir

    I started these seeds a little over 3 weeks ago. This Tuesday I transferred the plants into DIY net cups that I put in a single 10 gal DWC reservoir. At first the plants were looking droopy so I watered them a few time through the top of the cups. The plants seemed to perk up but now they are...
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    Possible MG Deficiency Week 3

    Hi, Today is the end of week 3 of my grow. Yesterday I noticed some dark brown spots on the edges of some of the leaves. To me it looked like an MG deficiency. I also noticed that some of the leaves seem to be drooping or possibly curled down on the end. I think this might have to do with them...
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    Confirm these look ok?

    Hi, this is my first grow. Would you mind taking a minute to look at my seedlings? Had a little bit of a rough start due to LEDs burning the seedlings after removing the plastic dome from the seedlings. I think the seed starting plugs may have not been the best either. When they first sprouted...